Budget-Friendly Hacks to Spend Less in the Kitchen

Save money without sacrificing flavor.

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The Kitchen has a few tips for savings swaps to help you save cash in the kitchen all year long! Join our Kitchen Cash Challenge to learn some frugal cooking hacks from our friend, Janice Lieberman. She's got a few quick, easy homemade swaps that'll save big money without skimping on flavor — or even quantity.


Not only are the homemade zoodles lower in cost, they're fresher too! You can find a good spiralizer at your local grocery store or online for about 10 bucks. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions and give it a spin!

Since store-bought zucchini spirals may sit on the shelf for days, they can lose moisture and flavor, and they even go bad more quickly than the homemade variety. We recommend that you spiralize your own zucchini just before you cook. It’s the fresher and more flavorful way to go.

You can save up to $208 per year with this simple swap, while still making all of your favorite zoodle dishes. Plus, you can use the spiralizer for other vegetables, like sweet potato!


"Meatless Mondays" is a major trend these days, for so many reasons. Cutting back on animal protein can have health benefits, and reduce your carbon footprint too.

If you're going along with this new trend, we suggest replacing your chicken breast with chickpeas! Chickpeas are an awesome base for so many flavors, and they have a ton of protein—just like chicken breast! If you trade your usual chicken breast with chickpeas for just one meal a week, you could save up to $520 in a year!


Homemade granola is a great way to save money and make a healthier change. Store-bought granola often has lots of added sugar, as well as other less-than-desirable ingredients. Many of the healthier low-sugar granola brands tend to be quite expensive.

That’s why we suggest making granola at home. It’s quick, easy, and it keeps for up to a month in an airtight container.

To save money, buy your oats, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit in bulk. We like to use raisins because they’re a great inexpensive option for dried fruit. Walnuts are wonderfully healthy nuts and are cheaper than almonds or pecans. (Storing these in the freezer keeps them fresher longer.) Less spoilage equals less food waste and more money in your pocket! Here's a great recipe for homemade granola!

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