10 Best Groceries to Buy at the Dollar Store

Save your grocery bill by doing some shopping at these stores that are all about affordability.

July 12, 2022
By: Taylor Murray

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The Best Groceries You Can Buy at the Dollar Store

The cost of food is going up no matter where you live, but there may be one place you haven't thought of shopping at: the dollar store. Dollar stores (like Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and 99 Cents Only) are discount stores where the prices of most, if not all, of the items are limited to around one dollar. Even though some stores like Dollar Tree have had to raise their prices to $1.25, there are still plenty of great deals to be found in the grocery aisle.

Self-proclaimed "frugalistas" and affordable shopping influencers have gained traction on social media, and they love showing off their dollar store hauls. We scoured their accounts for their best tips and most impressive finds at their local dollar stores.

Two Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Prices and availability change all the time, as most dollar stores scoop up overstock products from other nearby stores.
  2. Always check expiration dates before buying to avoid getting something that may expire before you can use it.

Baking Mixes

Baking mixes are a convenient way to get delicious baked goods, fast. (They also serve as great shortcuts for some of our favorite recipes like cake mix cinnamon rolls and cake mix cookies.) Recently, companies have come out with new flavors that are sure to “wow” even the most discerning bake sale crowd. Mixes like this Epic S’mores Brownie Kit could set you back more than five bucks at your local Target. Over at 99 Cents Only, however, you can find the same great Epic mixes for just $2.79. There are plenty of other brand-name great mixes too, from cake cups to classic Pillsbury vanilla cake.

Ice Cream

Cake mixes aren’t the only sweet treats to be found at the dollar stores. Premium frozen desserts have also been popping up, like these awesome plant-based Kind frozen ice creams for just $1.25.

Fabulous mom and affordable shopper Sensational Finds takes it to the next level by creating fun and inventive desserts using all ingredients found at Dollar Tree. This M&M and Oreo frozen ice cream cake is the perfect treat for a hot summer evening.


One of the best ways to start a busy morning is with a filling bowl of oatmeal. Quaker has been making tasty flavors of instant oatmeal that can be made in a flash. Multiple locations of Dollar Tree have been carrying Quaker chocolate instant oatmeal for only $1.25. Each box comes with four pouches that you can upgrade with some sliced banana or a scoop of nut butter.


Some people don’t consider the cost of condiments when doing their grocery budgeting, but even a few teaspoons used every week can add up in the long run. Discount condiments can be great scores because they keep well for a long time and add flavor to any meal. We’ve seen awesome sauces like barbecue sauce, organic mustard, and tomato salsa popping up at dollar stores around the country.

Specialty Drinks

A lot of people on a budget tend to pass on the specialty drinks because they can feel like an unnecessary splurge compared to more nutritious groceries. You might change your mind if you see the prices of fun drinks at your local dollar stores. Dollar Tree has been carrying Vitamin Waters and sparkling beverages like AHA. We’ve also seen V8 protein juices and acai-grape flavored waters. Even pricey brands like Evian (whose sparkling waters can sell on Amazon for $14 per six pack) have also been showing up lately.


A good bag of chips can easily get gobbled up in one sitting, but that’s also a good way to gobble up your grocery budget. Snack with a plan by grabbing chips at the dollar store. We’ve seen brand-name bags of chips like Herr’s and Ritz popping up around the country. Just don’t forget the dip!

Snack Packs

If you have kids in school or prefer pre-portioned snacks, snack packs like those from Lunchables or even pudding cups are so fun and tasty. Scoop some up at the 99 Cents Only store for just a fraction of the price at a store like Target.


Grocery shopping at a dollar store isn’t just for snacks and treats. There are tons of great deals to be found on meat: everything from bacon to chicken kabobs to sliced deli turkey and ham. (Definitely make sure to check the expiration dates in this aisle.)

For the meatless crowd, Destiny DeJesus shares her budget-friendly tips for vegan and vegetarian eating. She recently scored some delicious plant-based burger patties by Meatless Farm at her local 99 Cents Only store that are perfect for bringing to a summer cookout or keeping all to yourself.

Frozen Foods

The difference between spending hours in the kitchen making dinner and a meal that comes together in a snap can often be a clutch frozen item to be used as a main or a side. Dollar Tree often has great deals on frozen pizzas, Tyson chicken nuggets, and even burger patties. Over at 99 Cents Only we’ve seen frozen fruit, breakfast wraps, and Banquet turkey pot pies.


According to Smithsonian Magazine, around 50% of Americans consume a sandwich every day. All that sandwich bread can add up fast, especially when feeding a family. Thankfully, dollar stores like Dollar Tree have been known to carry all kinds of sliced sandwich bread. They have a wide range, too, everything from Sara Lee wheat bread to Wonder bread. There’s even been some keto-friendly honey wheat bread spotted at 99 Cents Only stores.