10 Ways to Lose Weight Without Even Trying

You can start making these easy changes today.

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You Can Do It

If you’re struggling to lose weight you might to ask yourself — am I trying too hard? Skip the fad diets and crazy extremes; there are several lower pressure things you can do to lose weight successfully.

Find a Partner

Recruit a buddy to help you on your journey to better health. Hit the gym with a friend a few days a week or sign up for a road race. When you do an (non-food related) activity together it takes focus off food.

Cut Back on Booze

What may seem like a few harmless cocktails may be stacking up to hundreds of calories per day. Cut back by a drink or two and you won’t believe the impact on your caloric intake.

Add Some HIIT

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is method of exercise that involves numerous bursts of increased intensity to increase heart rate and burn more calories in the same amount of time. Adding a few HIIT sessions a week can help you reach your weight loss goals.

Measure Cooking Oils

It might not look like a big difference between a teaspoon and tablespoon, but when it comes to oils like olive or canola oil there’s an 80 calorie discrepancy! Measure out portions of oils and salad dressings to be sure you aren’t taking in spoonfuls of extra calories.

Switch to Calorie-Free Beverages

Sipping on sugary beverages like soda, juice blends and sweetened teas could be pouring lots of extra calories to your meals. Switching to calorie-free options like water and seltzer can save the day - and the calories.

Eat More Often

Eating more frequently can actually lead to eating less. Creating large gaps of time without eating leads to energy slumps and increases the likelihood that you will overeat later in the day.

Use Smaller Plates

Downsize portions and calories by shrinking your plate. Studies have found that using smaller plates at meals can decrease the amount of food you eat by as much as 30%.

Find a Distraction

If late night eating is your vice, it may be time for a new hobby. Distract yourself from mindless eating by having a calorie-free activity at your fingertips. Binge a TV series, mark up a crossword puzzle or challenge a friend to a game of cards.

Brown Bag It

Resist the temptations of high-fat take-out foods. Packing up lunches and snacks for the busy day ahead, and you can save money and calories.

Get Your ZZZs

When you're overtired you tend to lose control over food choices — so make your sleep a priority! Research indicates that disrupting sleep patterns can also affect the hormones that control your sense of fullness.

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