Our Most Flexible and Customizable Recipes

We created the perfect step-by-step formulas for making all of your favorite dishes like French toast, fried rice, chicken wings, coffee cake and more completely one-of-a-kind.

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Mix-and-Match Stuffed French Toast

French toast is a breakfast and brunch staple. Change up your go-to recipe with this fun collection of mix-and-match French toast ideas. Not sure which combination to make first? We suggest going with the marshmallow cream, peanut-butter chips and grape jelly option. It tastes just like a classic PB and J sandwich, but amped up.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Stuffed French Toast

Mix-and-Match Stuffed Peppers

Ground turkey, diced cauliflower, canned lentils, couscous and extra firm tofu can all be used to make the filling for these tasty stuffed peppers. We make them everytime we need to clean out the refrigerator, and you should too!

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Stuffed Peppers

Mix-and-Match Deviled Eggs

If you love deviled eggs as much as we do, you'll want to add this versatile recipe to your recipe box stat! Hummus-Bell Pepper, Roast Beef-Scallion, Classic Bacon, Lemon-Cucumber, Crab-Paprika and Spicy Guacamole are just some of the unique flavors our test kitchen chefs came up with, though any combo you throw together will be just as tasty!

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Deviled Eggs

Mix-and-Match Fried Rice

Turn one of your favorite takeout dishes into a quick and easy weeknight dinner with this sure-fire recipe. You'll use brown and white rice to make the base and a variety of proteins and mix-ins to finish it off. When stir-frying your rice, make sure it develops a nice golden brown color before moving on to the next step — it'll make all the difference when tossed together with your favorite toppings.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Fried Rice

Mix-and-Match Salsa

Next time you find yourself craving a satisfying snack, turn to this customizable salsa recipe. Tomatoes, tomatillos or corn can all be used to make the base while add-ins like diced strawberries, mangoes, watermelon, avocado and jicama add extra color and flavor. Just grab your favorite chips and dig in!

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Salsa

Mix-and-Match Foil-Packet Fish

These foil-packet dinners are a hassle- and mess-free way to throw fish on the grill. When assembling your foil packets, be sure to layer your chosen veggies on the bottom and place your halibut, salmon, shrimp, striped bass, cod or mussels on top. Using four sheets of heavy-duty aluminum foil is also key.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Foil-Packet Fish

Mix-and-Match Pasta Salad

Pasta salad doesn't need to be boring! In fact, this easy-to-follow recipe leads to hundreds of different pasta, vegetable and protein combinations, like salama-and-bell-pepper or asparagus-corn-and-sun-dried-tomatoes.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Pasta Salad

Mix-and-Match Chocolate Chip Cookies

You can't just eat one chocolate chip cookie, no matter how strong your willpower is. Thanks to this customizable recipe, you can make (and eat) as many as you want! Dress up classic chocolate chip cookies by throwing in shredded coconut flakes, dried cranberries or fresh strawberries. No matter what you choose, be sure to have a tall glass of cold milk standing by once you pull your cookies out of the oven.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mix-and-Match Quiche

Jazzing up this Sunday brunch classic has never been easier! All you need to do is pick up to three of your favorite veggies, two of your favorite meats and a combination of your favorite shredded or crumbled cheeses and bake! Best part of all, you can even use store-bought pie crust to save some time.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Quiche

Mix-and-Match Meatloaf

This one-of-a-kind recipe leads to thousands of mouthwatering meatloaf possibilities. Choose from unique combos like ground-turkey-and-bacon or ground-veal-and-zucchini the next time you find yourself stumped on what to make for dinner.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Meatloaf

Mix-and-Match Quick Bread

You've never had a piece of quick bread like this before! Simply choose your favorite fruit or veggies to make the batter, then add in chopped hazelnuts, dried cherries, rolled oats or chocolate chips for additional crunch and texture. For even more oomph, enrobe your quick bread with one of the included glaze suggestions!

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Quick Bread

Mix-and-Match Mashed Potatoes

When it comes to comforting side dishes, mashed potatoes always reign supreme. With this interchangeable recipe, you'll learn how to effortlessly incorporate your favorite blends of cheeses with unique toppings like crumbled bacon, crunchy scallions or chopped pickled peppers.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Mashed Potatoes

Mix-and-Match Cornbread

Whether you choose to make it as a Thanksgiving side dish or for your next barbecue, this crumbly cornbread is sure to be the talk of your table. Though our yummy formula yields tons of creative ideas, we think you should start with our broccoli-cheddar cornbread first! It tastes just like the classic soup!

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Cornbread

Mix-and-Match Turkey

Perfect for Thanksgiving feasts and Sunday family dinners, this step-by-step recipe will have everyone at your table grabbing a second (or third) serving. If you've been looking for an easy way to give your bird a flavorful upgrade, don't skimp out on the included brine and butter suggestions; they make overly dry turkey a thing of the past.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Turkey

Mix-and-Match Chicken Salad

Grape-Dried Cranberry, Avocado-Bacon and Roasted Red Pepper-Cucumber: Those are just some of the delicious chicken salad varieties you'll learn to make with this recipe. It's a creative and easy way to give new life to leftover rotisserie chicken.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Chicken Salad

Mix-and-Match Sangria

Sangria shouldn't be one glass — or one pitcher — fits all! This fun guide will show you how to make a custom batch by mixing a handful of easy-to-find ingredients like dry rose, white rum, sliced pineapples, cherries, blueberries and lemon-lime soda. Make a big pitcher the next time you're hanging with your friends and need to unwind.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Sangria

Mix-and-Match Pesto

The pesto-bilities are truly endless with this foolproof recipe. Choose one of our flavor pairings — like Kale Pesto with Walnut and Parmesan or Arugula-Basil Pesto with Pine Nuts, Parmesan and Ricotta — or follow our step-by-step guide to make your own!

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Pesto

Mix-and-Match Crumbles

Crumbles are always a great dessert idea — especially if you have a lot of fresh fruit laying around! With this easy-to-follow recipe, you'll learn how to turn delicious fruit, nut and grain combinations into yummy flavors like Apple-Raspberry, Plum-Nectarine-Blackberry, Pear-Pineapple or Quince-Grape.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Crumbles

Mix-and-Match Shepherd’s Pie

The hardest thing about this Shepherd's pie recipe is figuring out which yummy mix-in combinations you'll want to try first. We vote Ground Lamb and Peas, but the choice is totally up to you!

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Shepherd’s Pie

Mix-and-Match Granola Bars

Let kids design their own after-school snack with our mix-and-match granola bar recipe. Roasted nuts, seeds, pepitas, toasted shredded coconut or a combination of all four can be used to make the base, while mix-ins like crushed cookies, yogurt chips, cereal, pretzels and candies give the bars a nice sweet-meets-salty balance. Best part of all — they can be stored in an airtight container for up to five days, so you'll have snack options galore throughout the week.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Granola Bars

Mix-and-Match Brunch Casserole

This savory baked casserole is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at your next brunch. You can use practically any day-old bread to make it, including hot dog buns and baguettes!

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Brunch Casserole

Mix-and-Match Baked Pasta

This mix-and-match baked pasta is a delicious way to elevate classic baked ziti. You can choose from 14 different mix-ins, like pepperoni, escarole, pitted black olives and hard-boiled eggs, and over seven different pastas to make it truly your own. Don't fret if you prefer your pasta paired with a creamier or meatier sauce — we included options for that too!

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Baked Pasta

Mix-and-Match Icebox Cake

If you're like us, you don't need a specific season to enjoy icebox cake. This creative recipe walks you through how to turn your favorite store-bought cookies into a delicious no-bake frozen treat. Try our Maple-Almond Icebox Cake with Vanilla Wafer Cookies (pictured above) first!

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Icebox Cake

Mix-and-Match Truffles

These chocolaty and nutty truffles make the perfect edible gift — for yourself and for others! Store-bought extracts like cherry, orange, mint, raspberry and almond infuse them with unique flavor notes, while mix-ins like strong coffee, brewed tea and nut butter add a touch of homemade luxury. Make them for holiday time or anytime!

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Truffles

Mix-and-Match Coffee Cake

Calling all cake-for-breakfast fans! This mix-and-match coffee cake recipe combines dessert-and-breakfast in one. Though you'll use traditional ingredients like butter, sugar and eggs to make the cake's batter, the mix-ins and filling are completely up to you! Chopped chocolate, assorted nuts, apple butter and dulce de leche are just some suggestions, but choose whatever makes your tummy rumble.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Coffee Cake

Mix-and-Match Roast Chicken

There's nothing better than pulling a beautifully golden roasted chicken out of the oven for Sunday night dinner. This interchangeable recipe comes equipped with six flavorful seasoning suggestions like Maple-Chipotle, Lemon-Rosemary and Cajun Barbecue to give your bird a pinch of spice. Be sure to roast your bird with up to four of your favorite fruits and veggies — doing so will make it all the more juicy.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Roast Chicken

Mix-and-Match Cereal Treats

Part back-to-school staple, part yummy snack, these mix-and-match cereal treats will have you feeling all kinds of nostalgic. Just about any cereal can be used to make them — just make sure you have seven cups worth onhand before you start. Dried and freeze-dried fruit add a healthy touch, though rainbow sprinkles and white chocolate chips are just as yummy.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Cereal Treats

Mix-and-Match Vegetable Soup

Forgot color-by-numbers; with this whimsical and hearty recipe you'll be cooking by color! Simply choose your favorite veggies from one of the included color categories and follow the steps to turn your dinner into a must-see affair.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Vegetable Soup

Mix-and-Match Potato Hash

Whether you choose to enjoy it as a main dish or as a side dish, this colorful potato hash cannot be missed. Every flavor combination on this list is a winner, but we think you'll love the Sweet Potato, Mushroom and Bacon Hash (pictured above) just as much as we do!

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Potato Hash

Mix-and-Match Queso

This cheesy queso is perfect for game time, snack time, family time or all of the above! You can use up to three of your favorite cheeses — like havarti, pepper Jack and muenster — to make the creamy base, while zesty spices like cumin, chili powder and paprika liven it up even more. Don't forget to add in a few cups-worth of toppings and mix-ins — it'll turn your queso from ordinary to extraordinary.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Queso

Mix-and-Match Stuffing

Stuffing is a MUST for Thanksgiving, though we're big fans of making it year-round too. This recipe will lead to endless options like the sweet-meets-savory Semolina Bread-Apple Stuffing with Dried Cranberries and Apricots or the ultra-filling Potato Bread-Kale Stuffing with Andouille Sausage.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Stuffing

Mix-and-Match Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream is so much better when it's layered together with all your favorite cookies and snacks. We couldn't get enough of the included Snack Food Ice Cream Cake suggestion (pictured above) — it's filled with a delectable mixture of marshmallow cream, cookie dough and pistachio ice cream and salty crushed pretzels. Make it first or follow the included steps to make a personalized cake catered to your own liking.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Ice Cream Cake

Mix-and-Match Spiced Nuts

Forget about bagged trail mix; this holiday season make a batch of your very own spiced nuts instead. We included five different flavor suggestions — like Cinnamon Sugar, Garlic-Herb and Paprika-Thyme — and all the steps you need to make them. Go ahead and throw together two or three different batches for your holiday movie viewing pleasure — we won't tell Santa!

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Spiced Nuts

Mix-and-Match Cocktail Meatballs

These mouthwatering mini meatballs make the perfect grab-and-go party appetizer. Apricot-Glazed Beef Meatballs, Hoisin Pork Meatballs and Chipotle-Cranberry Turkey Meatballs are just some of the delicious combos you'll be able to make thanks to Food Network Kitchen's easy-to-follow formula.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Cocktail Meatballs

Mix-and-Match Macaroons

These customizable macaroons make the perfect springtime treat. If you're making them to celebrate Passover, just be sure to buy kosher for Passover ingredients.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Macaroons

Mix-and-Match Chocolate Bark

There's a reason why everyone goes crazy for peppermint bark during the holidays; it's truly the perfect embodiment of the holly jolly spirit of Christmas. In this mix-and-match recipe, you can utilize traditional ingredients like dark and white chocolate and crushed peppermint or change it up by adding in pine nuts, pistachios, dried mangoes, candied orange peel, crushed peppercorns, mini marshmallows — the list truly goes on and on.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Chocolate Bark

Mix-and-Match Latkes

Latkes are a must-have for Hanukkah celebrations but they also make a super satisfying lunch or side dish. Our test kitchen chefs dreamed up hundreds of yummy flavor mashups like grated beets and carrots or sweet potatoes and frozen artichoke hearts. Don't forget to serve them with one — or all — of the topping suggestions. They'll add another unique touch to this beloved dish.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Latkes

Mix-and-Match Bread Salad

Though most people categorize panzanella as a summer side, there's absolutely no reason why you can't make it as a quick weeknight dinner. This innovative recipe works best with stale bread — yes, you read that correctly!

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Bread Salad

Mix-and-Match Biscuits

Whether you prefer your biscuits slathered in butter or dripping in jelly, this interchangeable recipe is sure to have you and yours reaching for the breadbasket. We couldn't get enough of the pumpkin puree and pepitas variety, though something tells us that sharp cheddar cheese and pickled hot peppers would taste just as good.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Biscuits

Mix-and-Match Whoopie Pies

Absolutely everyone in your household will be screaming whoopieee! (sorry, we had to) when they take their first bite out of these spongy and creamy treats. Get kids in on the fun and have them help you roll your assembled whoopie pies in yummy toppings like crushed cookies, sprinkles, broken pretzels, shredded coconut or a combination of them all.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Whoopie Pies

Mix-and-Match Wings

These make-it-your-own wings are sure to earn you a touchdown. Whether you choose to deep-fry them or roast them in the oven, they make the perfect game-day snack. Choose from flavors like Citrus-Ginger, Beer-Barbecue, Sriracha-Buffalo or Mango-Curry. Our test kitchen chefs also included ideas for five different dipping sauces your wings can — and should — be served with.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Wings

Mix-and-Match Bread Pudding

This ultra-comforting bread pudding makes the perfect Sunday brunch treat or Christmas morning breakfast. Our formula will walk you through how to make the dish completely unique to your own personal taste preferences, but if you're open to suggestions, the Brioche Bread Pudding with Cranberries and Pistachios (pictured above) is a delicious place to begin.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Bread Pudding

Mix-and-Match Chili

Whether you make it for game day or as a cozy weekend dinner, this chili is bound to get everyone in your household talking. We broke the recipe down into 6 easy steps with endless flavor combos like Bison-and-Black-Bean and Lamb-and-Hominy.

Get the Recipe: Mix-and-Match Chili