5 Quirky (and Totally Necessary) Products Every Coffee Lover Needs

These under-the-radar finds will forever change your morning.

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January 25, 2020

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A plastic glass of iced coffee latte; upper layer is froth milk lower is brown bitter coffee on the wooden table with selective focus.


A plastic glass of iced coffee latte; upper layer is froth milk lower is brown bitter coffee on the wooden table with selective focus.

Photo by: Theerawan Bangpran/Getty

Theerawan Bangpran/Getty

Never underestimate the power of a good cup of coffee. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cup of icy cold brew or your favorite light roast brand, coffee can kickstart your productivity, may reduce the risk of certain diseases, and turn you into a functioning person after a night spent binge-watching old episodes of The Barefoot Contessa. (Just us?)

At first thought, brewing the perfect batch of coffee seems simple: All you really need are some fresh grounds, a working coffee machine, and your favorite mug. However, if you want to take your caffeine consumption to the next level, it’s a good idea to call in some reinforcements.

Below, check out five under-the-radar — yet totally necessarily — accessories every coffee lover needs in their kitchen cabinets. Turns out, you’re just a few clicks away from the perfect cup of Joe every time.


If you ask us, iced coffee is a caffeinated Catch-22. Though chilling your java is incredibly refreshing, stuffing your cup with ice cubes will dilute your beverage over time. And if you need a jolt of energy, you’ll want your coffee to be as strong as possible. That’s where Fred & Friends’ Coffee Ice Tray comes in. Simply pour leftover coffee into these bean-shaped slots, stick it in your freezer, and wake up to homemade coffee cubes. Instead of diluting your cold brew, this alternative will give you more coffee as your cubes melt. Or, if you don’t want to fuss with freezing old coffee, Amerigo’s stainless steel cubes will also get the job done.

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We know what you’re thinking: What about hot coffee? After all, very few things can cramp your style like a lukewarm cup of coffee. You could schlep over to your office’s communal microwave, but Mr. Coffee’s Mug Warmer makes heating up your coffee a breeze. All you need to do is place the mug on the warmer, flip the on switch, and you’ll have hot coffee in no time. With a long power cord and easy-to-spot indicator light that’ll remind you to turn it off, this mug warmer is the office accessory you didn’t know your cubicle needed.

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What’s the difference between a cup of coffee and a great cup of coffee? The quality of the grounds, of course. If you want to keep your coffee grounds fresher for longer, store them in an airtight container like this option from Zevro. This container can hold up to a half pound of coffee grounds, so you can grind a few weeks’ worth of coffee at once to help streamline your morning routine. Oh, and did we mention this option features a handle that dispenses one tablespoon of coffee with each squeeze? In other words, you can rest assured you’re not wasting any of your precious, quality coffee grounds.

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We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your daily trips to your local café aren’t doing Mother Nature any favors. From plastic straws, to paper cups, to disposable filters, even the smallest cup of coffee can generate a lot of waste. If you’re looking to give your at-home brewing a sustainable spin, Bolio’s cone coffee filters are a great place to start. Made with an organic hemp, Bolio claims these filters can be reused hundreds of times. Plus, the hemp retains many of your coffee’s essential oils, giving you a delicious cup of Joe time and time again.

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Just because you’re embarking on a camping trip or jetting off to a remote destination (you know, somewhere without your favorite coffee shop) doesn’t mean you have to forgo a morning coffee. Thanks to WACACO’s portable espresso maker, you can fulfill your caffeine craving anytime, anywhere. At first glance, the Nanopresso looks intimidating, but it’s surprisingly simple to use. All you need to do is add water and ground espresso beans to this contraption and press down on the pump until you have a full shot, and voila! You’ll have some creamy espresso in no time.

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