Try or Deny

Every summer season, supermarkets carry all new products that just might be terrific additions to a backyard BBQ or pool party. But how do they taste? Now is the perfect time to try the summer's hottest new products and flavors. We at The Kitchen have tried 3 quirky summer-inspired flavors, and we're here to tell you if they're a "try" or "deny."

Episode: Poolside Party

S'mores-Flavored Soda:

Our first treat is a fun s'mores-flavored soda. It's the sweet taste of summer's campfire classic in a bottle. Perfect for summer parties, and it will definitely get your guests talking. We give this one pretty mixed reviews. The flavor could work well when used as a dessert in a float with ice cream, but on its own or with food, it's pretty sweet. If this soda tickles your fancy, why stop with s'mores? Ty other summertime party flavors, like key lime pie, cucumber or cookie dough.

Spicy Peanut Ice Cream:

This flavor combination is part of the sweet and spicy trend in desserts. For us, this craze is a pretty big hit! The combo of cool and creamy peanut ice cream with the kick of cayenne pepper gives a cooling effect with a surprising kick of heat. This version even has flakes of toasted coconut in the mix. The unexpected mashup is inspired by the flavors of Thailand and we loved it!

If you can't find this nutty ice cream flavor in a store near you but want to try the sweet spicy combo, add sriracha or cayenne powder to your favorite peanut butter ice cream topping to make a spicy peanut butter sundae sauce.

Pickle Juice Ice Pops:

We made these pops by straining store-bought pickle juice and freezing it in ice-pop molds. As you can imagine, they'll make you pucker, so enjoy them slowly. Believe it or not, pickle juice was the inspiration for the first sports drinks, because athletes would drink it for electrolytes and minerals--like potassium--to avoid cramping on game days. Pickle juice is also a good hangover cure for the same reason. These pops are a great use for leftover pickle brine and are a great way to cool down after strenuous sun-soaked outdoor activity. Outdoor sports not your thing? You can also stick them into a Bloody Mary as an ice-pop garnish. No ice cubes needed and great for a brunch get together. 

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