If You Like This, Try This!

New year, new brunch flavors.

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Here are new takes on a brunch spread, appetizer and mimosas, based on the flavors you already love.

If you like cookie butter…try cinnamon roll butter!

If you love that sweet and spice-packed spread of cookie butter, we have good news – there's a new brunch spread that's hitting store shelves. Cinnamon roll butter is one of our new favorites. This sweet and cinnamon-y spread has all the flavor of the gooey inside of a fresh-baked cinnamon roll, without the work of preparing and baking a batch. You can buy it at your local specialty store for about $3.50 a jar.

Heating it up slightly releases the warm cinnamon, brown sugar and vanilla notes and you can spread it on anything from toast and bagels to pancakes. We enjoy it over warm waffles. It's perfect to serve for brunch!

If you like bagels and lox… try lox bagel bites!

When it comes to brunch, bagels and lox are a classic combination. A fun new way to make them for guests is to pack all of that delicious flavor into one perfect bite!

Try serving lox bagel bites at your next brunch party. Guests get a taste without filling up on the heavy bagel original. It's the best way to save room for all of the other fantastic dishes on your spread.

Lox bagel bites are easy to put together. Just spread a little whipped cream cheese on a bagel chip and top it off with lox, minced red onion, capers and dill. If you're feeling really fancy, GZ recommends a small dollop of caviar!

If you like mimosas…try passion fruit mimosas!
Mimosas are a must at any New Year's brunch. But this year, why not switch up the classic OJ with passion fruit nectar? Passion fruit nectar is a delicious addition to your favorite champagne, cava or prosecco. Its sweet and tart flavor will give your mimosas a delicious, fresh and tropical twist. Use it in all sorts of cocktails and desserts too!

You can find it in most grocery stores near the shelf-stable juices or in the ethnic food aisle for about $4.

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