Healthy Meal Plans to Kick Off the New Year

Conquer your low-carb or plant-based diet with these easy guidelines and grocery lists.

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Define and conquer your healthy eating goals this year, thanks to these helpful tips from The Kitchen.



A plant-based meal plan is when a majority of your plate is made up of plants; animal products and proteins are more of an accompaniment.


Plant-Based Grocery List:

  • - Broccoli, or any vegetables you prefer
  • - Berries, or any fruits you prefer
  • - Hummus, or any legumes you prefer
  • - Seeds and nuts
  • - Sweet potatoes, or any starchy vegetables you prefer

Plant-Based Breakfast Idea: Spread hummus on a slice of toasted rye bread. Top with slices of avocado and tomato and a sprinkle of smoked paprika.



Following a low-carb meal plan means trying to fill half of your plate with non-starchy vegetables, a quarter with protein and a quarter with a starchy vegetable or legume.


Low-Carb Grocery List:

  • - Avocados
  • - Coconut milk
  • - Shrimp
  • - Eggs
  • - Full-fat yogurt

Low-Carb Breakfast Idea: Make your favorite chia pudding recipe with chia seeds, full-fat yogurt and/or some milk. When you're ready to eat it, top the chia pudding with chopped nuts and fresh berries.

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