Are KFC Crocs Even the Weirdest Thing the Chain Has Dropped?

KFC has a history of delicious (?) antics.

February 12, 2020

We all know chicken is extremely versatile — it can be grilled, fried, roasted, sauced-up, cheese-topped and more. However, KFC has just taken this versatility to an entirely new level.

At New York Fashion Week, the fried chicken joint unveiled its latest finger-lickin’ good creation, and guess what? It’s not even edible! KFC partnered with none other than Crocs to drop a line of fried chicken-printed clogs. Korean beauty blogger and artist MLMA debuted the shoes on the runway.

While social media couldn’t stop talking about this seemingly unexpected collaboration, we honestly weren’t too surprised. After all, KFC has spawned some seriously whacky merchandise over the years, and we’ve been keeping track. While none are as outrageous as these fried chicken-scented shoes (more on THAT next), we’ve still seen some deliciously crazy antics. Here are a few of our favorites.

KFC x Crocs Fried Chicken Clogs

No one asked for a KFC x Crocs collaboration… yet here we are. The companies revealed at Spring 2020 New York Fashion Week that the top half of the shoes will feature an unmistakable print of fried chicken, while the soles will be patterned with red and white stripes to mimic the iconic KFC bucket of chicken.

KFC would never skimp on the sides, of course, so the clogs also come with two drumstick-shaped Jibbitz (Crocs’ removable decorative attachments) that apparently smell like fried chicken. The clogs retail for $59.99 and will officially be for sale this spring. For now, those eager to add these limited-edition shoes to their, erm, bucket list can sign up on Crocs’ website for an email alert that’ll notify them when the clogs are available for purchase.

KFC Nail Polish

In 2016, KFC Hong Kong launched a nail polish promoting their motto “Finger Lickin’ Good.” Made from edible ingredients, the nail polish came in two flavors, “Hot & Spicy” and “Original Recipe,” allowing customers to lick their nails when feeling a bit peckish. Confused? So are we.

KFC’s “Memories Bucket” Photo Printer

Thought the Crocs were random? How ’bout a chicken bucket that’s also a photo printer? Released in Canada in 2015, this “Memories Bucket” let chicken-eaters print photos taken on their phones using Bluetooth. There’s nothing quite like capturing those mems whiling chowing down on some chicken drumsticks.

“Watt a Box”

Shoot! Phone’s on 2% battery? Don’t worry — KFC’s got you covered. In 2016, KFC India introduced a takeout box that doubled as a phone charger. Who knew you needed a box that contained your chicken order and a USB port.

Fried Chicken-Scented Bath Bomb

Ever wanted to bathe in the tantalizing fragrance of fried chicken? Nope? Well, neither have we. But a while ago you could with KFC’s fried chicken scented bath bomb, released by KFC Japan in 2017. Hey, still not as bad as the chicken-scented Jibbitz…

KFC Candle

If your feet smell like fried chicken, you might as well commit to the cause and light up the KFC Candle to spread that chicken aroma throughout your home. KFC New Zealand revealed this scented candle in 2016 as part of a promotional giveaway. Forget about your house smelling like freshly grown gardenias and freesias — now it can smell like freshly fried chicken.

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