We’re in Love with These Sweethearts Candy-Covered Crocs

The plush, fur clogs are exactly what you need for an extra comfy Valentine’s Day at home.

February 01, 2022

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Classic Sweethearts Fur Sure

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Crocs

Photo courtesy of Crocs

There’s nothing like cuddling with someone we love, perhaps all cozy under a blanket or our favorite robe and slippers. But what if the slippers themselves were a symbol of that love?

It sounds cheesy to be sure, but isn’t Valentine’s Day all about embracing that romantic cheesiness? That’s the spirit behind a new Crocs collection launched in partnership with Sweethearts candies, which are donning words of encouragement this year.

This collection includes a limited-edition Classic Fur Sure Clog that is super cute and feels rather personal, thanks to lots of ways it can be customized. It is loaded with details and bright colors, and, of course, has plush Jibbitz charms that are identical to Sweethearts.

These slippers aren’t just cute to look at though, they are also very comfy thanks to the plush interior, so they will be cozy and warm even if you aren’t feeling up to celebrating love outside the comfort of your own home.

The Sweethearts x Crocs Adult Classic Fur Sure Clog, which comes with three charms, is available beginning February 1 on Crocs.com for $84.99 but quantities are limited and won’t be too easy to get. To score your pair in time for Valentine’s Day, you’ll have to enter a drawing on Crocs’ website from February 1 until 11 a.m. on Friday, February 4.

We’ve always felt like falling in love is sort of like winning the lottery. Now that feels truer than ever!

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