This Best-Selling Milk Frother Is the Secret to DIY Lattes

Wishing you could make your favorite latte, cappuccino or even whipped coffee at home? This is the tool you need.

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July 17, 2020
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Photo by: Watchara Piriyaputtanapun/Getty Images

Watchara Piriyaputtanapun/Getty Images

If you're sick of waiting in the long drive-thru line to grab your morning latte, you can turn your at-home coffee routine into a more luxurious experience with one affordable tool. A handheld milk frother will change your morning coffee for the better — for less than $20.

For the price of roughly a week's worth of lattes, the Zulay Handheld Milk Frother can turn a basic cup of coffee with milk into a frothy latte in mere minutes. Make your coffee, add milk and then use the frother to turn the coffee into a frothy latte. It couldn't be easier.

This works on both hot and cold coffee. Experts at Nestle recommend using a milk frother to make the viral whipped coffee you've seen all over the internet and Tik Tok. The milk frother helps add air to the instant coffee and water so you can spend less time whipping and more time drinking. It's also a way to use less coffee in this drink, resulting in a better-for-you caffeine level.

If you're not a coffee drinker, a handheld frother will still come in handy. Use it to mix matcha green tea with water, create creamy hot chocolate, blend keto coffee and more. You can even use it to blend protein powder into water.

It's super easy to clean with a simpe rinse under hot water or a run in a cup of water to really ensure you've removed any debris. Really, this affordable tool feels like a no-brainer purchase, especially when it's the little things that are making the days at home a little brighter.

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