This Milk Frother Is My Go-To Gadget for More Than Just Coffee Drinks

It even replaced some of my other specialty kitchen tools.

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April 29, 2021

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I’ve never been one to invest in many single-function kitchen gadgets. No pineapple corer or avocado scooper here! Just give me a chef’s knife, a few measuring tools and something to stir with and I’ll figure it out.

My must-be-able-to-multitask mindset goes right out the window, however, when it comes to coffee and tea. Whether it’s a relaxing cup of tea before bed or an energizing shot of espresso first thing in the morning, it’s tough for me to pass on any gadget that gets me closer to a barista-quality cup at home.

It should come as no surprise then, that a quality milk frother is one of my must-haves. After trying a number of handheld frothers (and being truly disappointed with the results) I finally caved and purchased Nespresso’s Aeroccino3. I’ve had this milk frother for a couple of years now and it has certainly stood the test of time (which I expected because my Nespresso espresso machine has been running like brand-new for more than five years). What I didn’t expect though, is that this milk frother would end up replacing more than just the handheld ones I’d tried before it.

I use this milk frother’s standard functions (to make foamy almond or dairy milk for both hot and cold beverages) but I’ve discovered that it also does a really great job of mixing up powdered drinks like turmeric lattes and matcha. I just pour my milk into the frother as usual, add a scoop of spices or matcha tea powder and then let the machine work its magic. (That’s right, no matcha bowl, whisk or whisk stand needed.) With just the push of a button I’ve got a hot or cold, perfectly mixed, read-to-pour tea latte.

This milk frother would be on my must-have list even if the only thing it could do was foam hot or cold milk — but the fact that it replaced a bunch of my matcha tools and saves me lots (and lots) of whisking makes it one of the few kitchen gadgets I can’t imagine being without.

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