The 10 Top-Rated Bacon Products On Amazon

If you love bacon, these products can help you make it the best possible!

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November 04, 2021
By: Hadiya Presswood

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Let’s face it, it’s hard to not be a little obsessed with bacon. It’s such a satisfying savory and versatile food, and one of the few that can be used as an ingredient for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. From a traditional side dish to eggs in the morning and a BLT at lunch to a topping for your burger at dinner and a caramelized (or chocolate-covered) piece for dessert, bacon can easily do it all.

But the best part? It’s equally as easy to prepare at home, as long as you have the right products. We’ve rounded up some of the best-selling, bacon-related products that you can find on Amazon.


This press flattens and sears for an even cook throughout the entire slice. Its nearly nine-inch diameter means you can make batches of bacon quickly and all at once.

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Let’s say you want to add bacon as garnish for ice cream, to crumble into grits or stack on a burger, but you don’t want to go through the hassle of frying. With a built-in grease tray and splash guard, this microwavable grill is ideal for quickly whipping up a few slices without the mess.

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Reduce the risk of grease splattering or getting singed with this frywall. Its durable design allows mobility around the pan while cooking and allows the bacon to fry without having to constantly adjust the temperature. What’s more, the flexible material allows for easy clean up and storage.

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This splatter guard protects your kitchen from a mess by trapping grease pops in the mesh screen and having elevated notches so it doesn't directly touch your countertops. It’s easy to place over pans and easy to clean, allowing you to focus on making your bacon.

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Take the sogginess out of bacon and achieve crisp, oven-baked slices with this baking tray and rack, which elevates the meat from sitting in its own grease. It also helps conduct heat so that burnt bacon won’t be a problem.

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Typically, the microwave is a more convenient way to prepare food, but when bacon is involved, the mess can be a deterrent. This microwavable cup takes care of grease, eliminating the need to drain the bacon after it’s cooked and clean the microwave after every use.

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$16.95 $14

For those busy mornings when everyone needs a fast breakfast, this microwave tray can make up to 16 slices of crisp bacon. To cook it evenly you drape the bacon over the rods and there is a grease tray that catches the drippings.

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This glass cover allows you to keep an eye on the fry. The silicone makes it heat resistant and vents allow for steam to escape. It is microwave and stove top safe so you can achieve perfectly cooked bacon no matter which way you chose to make it.

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$24.95 $12

Bacon grease can make a tasty seasoning liquid, but storing it can be a bit of a challenge. This canister solves the problem from start to finish: Drain the bacon using the strainer, where it collects in the container and can be stored. Then, when you want to add a little grease to your next dish you can pour it from the container through the spout.

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If you love bacon and perhaps tend to buy a lot at once, this container can help with storage. It’s made with a durable plastic that is easy to clean between uses and keeps moisture out, plus it’s hinged lid allows for easy access.

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