Classic Italian Desserts

Sweet Italian treats are just what you need with an after-dinner cappuccino.

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Photo By: Antonis Achilleos

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This espresso-spiked treat is the ultimate dessert. It means "pick me up" in Italian.

Get the Recipe: Tiramisu

Homemade Cannoli

Alex says, "I love a cup of seriously strong coffee and a cannoli from an Italian bakery on Bleeker Street in Manhattan. When I am making these at home, I am holding them up to the standard of those memories. The dessert really comes together in two parts: make the shell, thin and crispy and then make a filling with serious flavor."

Get the Recipe: Homemade Cannoli

Amaretto Biscotti

Add amaretto liqueur, and almond and vanilla extracts to this biscotti batter. Fold in both raw and chocolate-covered almonds for extra crunch.

Get the Recipe: Amaretto Biscotti

Mascarpone and Dark Chocolate Cream in White Chocolate Cups

Make homemade white-chocolate cups with melted white chocolate and muffin-cup liners, then fill them with a bittersweet chocolate-and-mascarpone mousse.

Get the Recipe: Mascarpone and Dark Chocolate Cream in White Chocolate Cups

Chocolate Amaretti Cake

Giada pulses slivered almonds and baby amaretti cookies and in a food processor until the almonds and cookies are finely ground. Combine the ground mixture with orange peel and melted chocolate for a decadent flourless cake.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Amaretti Cake

Zabaglione With Berries

Make a homemade light custard with egg and sweet wine, then serve it over your favorite berries.

Get the Recipe: Zabaglione With Berries

Mini Zeppoles

This quick-fix dessert uses just three ingredients. Fry store-bought pizza dough and sprinkle it with confectioners' sugar.

Get the Recipe: Mini Zeppoles

Chocolate Gelato Sandwiches

Ice cream sandwiches may not be Italian, but gelato certainly is. Fill a brioche roll with a scoop of homemade chocolate gelato for a hand-held sweet.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Gelato Sandwiches

Lemon Ricotta Granita

Giada's icy lemon dessert is topped with a creamy ricotta and sugar blend.

Get the Recipe: Lemon Ricotta Granita


Make these Tuscan holiday cookies all year round. With a touch of orange zest and almonds, they're delciously crunchy.

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