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10 Things You Didn't Know About Katie Lee

Learn little-known secrets about this co-host of The Kitchen.

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Get to Know Katie

You’ve met her too-cute-for-words pup, Gus, and you know she’s a self-confessed "major workoutaholic." But did you know Katie happens to carry hot sauce around in her purse? Yep, that’s true.

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She Hates Wasabi

 “I love spicy food, so I’m not sure why I have this aversion to wasabi, but I really detest it,” she says. “Like, wasabi mashed potatoes are, like, blah. No way.”

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She’s Not a Midnight Snacker

“I’m asleep at midnight. I go to bed really early, so I don’t have a midnight snack.”

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Bobby Flay Is Her Culinary Mentor

“Bobby Flay has become a great mentor to me. He’s one of my very best friends and kind of like a big brother, and I always feel like I can go to him for any kind of advice.”

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