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10 Things You Didn't Know About Rachael Ray

Get to know this Food Network megastar for more than just her recipes.

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All About Rachael

Ever wondered about Rachael’s ideal dinner guests, celebrity crush or favorite food? Read on for some surprising facts about this star.

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She's a Burger Fanatic

“Meat for dinner is my favorite. I’m a burger-obsessed person. I love burger night — I love ground meat of any kind!” she says.
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She Loves a Man Who Cleans

The way to her heart isn’t through food — it’s through washing dishes. “A man in the kitchen is very sexy,” she says. “Gentlemen: Get your butt behind the sink and you will be dessert!”

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She’s Very Picky About Eggs

Although eating on a budget is important to her, eggs are “one of those grocery items worth paying a premium for,” she says. She prefers Araucana (a South American breed of chicken that produces small, bluish-green eggs), though she recommends any type of cage-free egg from a small farm.

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