Fun Facts About Chef Keegan Gerhard

Find out the Buddy Vs. Duff judge's ultimate guilty pleasure, his most sent food emojis and more.

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Photo By: Matt Harbicht

Get to Know Keegan

From ice cream to cake and pie, we've got the low down on what's Keegan's sweet tooth is craving.

What's Your Favorite Doughnut Flavor?

"Every kind of doughnut. I love doughnuts."

What's Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

"Raspberry with real raspberries with no seeds. No frozen fruit."

What's Your Favorite Pie Flavor?

"It's not very exciting, but apple crumble. Really good apples, not a lot of sugar, crumble instead of double crust for the texture."

What's Your Favorite Cake Flavor?

"For birthday cake, lemon. For wedding cake, true white cake with real vanilla bean."

What's Your Favorite Food Emoji?

"I like the ones that look like they could be other things. If you send a turkey leg to someone drunk, it could be a corndog. Sushi could be lots of things, but I sent a lot of the birthday cake and slices of cake for obvious reasons."

What's Your Ultimate Guilty Pleasure?

"Mac and cheese. The cheesiest."

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