14 Things You Didn't Know About Antonia Lofaso

This Cutthroat Kitchen judge is known for dishing out honest reviews of chefs' dishes. But did you know she happens to adore frozen French bread pizzas? Learn more fun facts.

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Her Favorite Late-Night Snack: "Chips and salsa"

Her Go-To Weeknight Dinner: Keeping It Light and Fresh

"I've been over the last three years really trying to get my health and wellness intact … and now, you know, I just built this beautiful new grill in my backyard, so it's all about kind of very simple [things], like grilled meats, herb sauces, whether it's a chimichurri or some kind of basil oil, and a lot of vegetables."

Her Guilty-Pleasure Food: "Stouffer's French Bread Pizza."

"Alton likes to make a joke that I'm like the No. 1 queen of fast, prepackaged food."

Her Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream: "Strawberry"

The Strangest Item in Her Refrigerator: "Fish Oil"

Her Favorite Pizza Topping: A Cali Favorite

"Only because I live in Los Angeles now, but pickled jalapenos."

If She Weren't a Chef, She "Would Have Been an MMA Fighter," She Says

"I love mixed martial arts."

Her Happy Place: A Casual Night In, Plain and Simple 

"I know this is going to sound so terrible, [it] is, like, Sunday night, oversized pajamas, Game of Thrones and dirty Chinese food."

Her Favorite Food City to Visit: The Big Easy

"I'm going to say for right now, because I was just there, [it] is New Orleans. I feel like I didn't even scratch the surface of what is in that city foodwise, but there was such a beautiful mix of these, you know, kind of progressive restaurants, but at the same time these very classic fried fish shacks, po' boys, muffuletta, all these things that were just ... kind of traditional to the area. Then sort of high-end [dishes too], and it was fantastic."

Must-Have Dish at Her Last Supper: Pasta, Please

"I do this chitarra with black pepper and pecorino, almost like a cacio pepe. That with bread and oil and red wine. That's my life."

The Ingredient She Hates Most: "Foie Gras. Can't stand it."

Must-Have Item in Her Green Room: "Coconut water."

Her Favorite TV Show: "Right now [it] is Game of Thrones."

Her Favorite Burger Topping: "An Egg"

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