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  • Hearty Steak Soup
    Video | (03:24)

    Sunny's hearty steak soup may just be the quickest way to a man's heart.

  • Honey-Brined Smoked Turkey
    Video | (05:41)

    Alton Brown shares professional tips for the perfect smoked holiday turkey.

  • Ready Made Buffet
    Video | (01:44)

    Serving a ready-made buffet with food available at Walmart.

  • Chocolate Pretzels
    Video | (01:49)

    These chocolate-covered pretzels make great gifts -- if you have any left.

  • Chilaquiles & Tomatillo Salsa
    Video | (03:25)

    Tortilla chips in tomatillo sauce are drizzled with sour cream and cheese.

  • Porkchops and Sabatoges
    Video | (42:01)

    Check out a sadistic competition full of savory sabotage as chefs battle.

  • Chocolate Hazelnut Tart
    Video | (03:20)

    This rich tart is filled with dark chocolate chips and crushed hazelnuts.

  • Chocolate French Toast
    Video | (03:29)

    Chocolate French Toast tastes rich but costs about $2 for four servings.

  • Cutthroat After-Show: The Rice Stuff
    Video | (05:57)

    Alton Brown and Simon Majumdar discuss the sabotages the competitors faced as they prepared risotto, Reuben sandwiches and baked...

  • Edamame Dip
    Video | (02:46)

    Tired of edamame rolling off your potato chips? Alton has the dip for you!