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  • Spicy Cheese Turnovers
    Video | (03:35)

    Two tasty hors d'oeuvres made with a simple bread and butter dough.

  • Ghostly Gumbo
    Video | (04:07)

    Learn how to make Best Of's hauntingly delicious seafood gumbo.

  • Tamarind-Glazed Duck Tacos
    Video | (03:50)

    Tamarind-glazed duck and pineapple salsa make for some very special tacos.

  • Bobby Flay's Twists on Dips
    Video | (03:36)

    Tired of the usual salsa-hummus-guac dip trio? Try these tasty variations!

  • Enfrijoladas
    Video | (03:51)

    Marcela makes a heart-healthy casserole of baked quesadillas in bean salsa.

  • Mango-Radish Grilled Shrimp
    Video | (02:27)

    Mango-radish-lime salsa gives grilled shrimp the right touch of sweet heat.

  • Grilled Fish
    Video | (02:29)

    Add some Latin dash to your next fish dish with Melting Pot's help.

  • Red Snapper
    Video | (02:36)

    Bobby grills up red snapper with Charred Corn Jalapeno Pesto Sauce.

  • Grilled Salmon Gyros
    Video | (03:55)

    Salmon, tzatziki and Greek "salsa" in pitas: you'll swear you're in Greece.