Season 2, Episode 2


Jeff Corwin explores the cultural regions of Spain in search of their culinary specialties. On the rough coast of Galicia, known as the Coast of Death, he dives headfirst into a job that claims the lives of several fishermen a year in search of prized gooseneck barnacles that thrive in the rough seas. Jeff hunts down the flavorful and savored ham of acorn-eating Iberico pigs in La Alberca as he travels inland and participates in an annual harvest ritual celebrating a species of wild green onion in Valls. To wrap up his tasty adventure, he visits a bustling Barcelona market in search of pig parts to make a classic Catalan escudella, and he tries out his cooking skills as he prepares bacalao a pil pil, a difficult cod dish, for a men’s club in San Sebastian.
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