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The king of cakes shares his recipes and techniques to bake like a pro at home.

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  • Sweet Genius

    The chefs rocket into the competition, creating space-themed chocolate desserts from Italian olives and a retro candy. The three competitors who move on must get amped up over amphibians in the second test and figure out how to make genius candy with a green super food and an orange delicacy. In the final test, the chefs ponder the meaning of a leaning tower and how to effectively use two savory ingredients in their cakes.

  • Sweet Genius

    Don't crack under pressure! In the first test of genius, the chefs must cook frozen desserts that include hard-boiled eggs. But they discover that success will be hard-fought when they set eyes on the challenging object of inspiration: a splendid treasure from the sea. None of the mandatory ingredients in the second test are usually used in desserts. But as they struggle to make it work, the chefs' imaginations are sparked. And when the final two chefs are given gummy candies for the last test, can they make purr-fectly yummy desserts inspired by a cat?

  • Sweet Genius

    In the first test of genius, the chefs must balance their live, lovely inspiration with a prophetic cookie and a strong cheese into their chocolate dessert. Then, in the candy test, can the chefs do great things with a diminutive vegetable and an unusual citrus fruit? In the pastry challenge, the competitor who can make the best cake with a brightly colored beverage and a salty snack will walk away with $10,000.

  • Sweet Genius

    High hopes! Walking tall into the first test, the chefs are given heels as inspiration for their frozen desserts. But does the shoe fit with salt & vinegar potato chips? And Chef Ron watches to see whether experience will help or hinder the chefs' creativity. A reptilian inspiration and a childhood treat make for a terrifically challenging second test! Then Chef Ron Ben-Israel will decide once and for all who has hidden genius within, through a final test, featuring masquerade masks and candy apples. And things get very interesting when one chef appears to have forgotten something important in the oven!

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  • Sweet Genius

    The inspiration for the chocolate desserts test is sure to get the chefs' minds spinning with genius ideas about how to make best use of the mandatory ingredients. The candy test combines magic inspiration with a chewy mandatory ingredient. Then, two chefs fight it out in the final test, but just one chef will manage to make a successful cake worthy of $10,000.

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