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Baking at Home with Ron Ben-Israel

The king of cakes shares his recipes and techniques to bake like a pro at home.

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  • Sweet Genius

    The chefs are startled by a jaw-dropping stuntman, the inspiration for their first test: But can the chefs make show-stopping chocolate dishes with an unusual squash and an old-fashioned candy? In the second test, some squeaky birds get the chefs thinking up festive candy creations made from a curdled dairy product and a versatile veggie. With $10,000 at stake, the last two chefs are given a fair attraction as an inspiration, but can they be fairly certain that Chef Ron will enjoy their

  • Sweet Genius

    Flamingo-inspired chocolate desserts are the marching orders for the first test. In the candy round, will the childhood inspiration or the mandatory ingredients prove more puzzling? The last two chefs must use ingredients native to Southeast Asia to make a cake fit for a royal.

  • Sweet Genius

    Fire! The chefs are burning to jump to it when they see the inspiration for the first test. And a Sweet Genius should know just how to make cheese puffs work perfectly in a frozen dessert. Then in the second test multi-colored treats are a mandatory ingredient and multiple techniques are utilized by a creative crew of chefs. And in an intense final test, the chefs are inspired by a Chinese Dragonhead and required to use an unusual Mexican delicacy.

  • Sweet Genius

    The inspiration for the chocolate desserts test is sure to get the chefs' minds spinning with genius ideas about how to make best use of the mandatory ingredients. The candy test combines magic inspiration with a chewy mandatory ingredient. Then, two chefs fight it out in the final test, but just one chef will manage to make a successful cake worthy of $10,000.

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  • Sweet Genius

    The heat is on when the lights go off! Darkness is the inspiration for the first test. And the chefs are challenged to use a spicy hot candy and a rare fruit in their frozen desserts. In the second test, a bejeweled egg and a bottle of bubbly set the stage for some sophisticated baked desserts. And when the final test of genius involves a bone-chilling ingredient and a gritty inspiration, it is a fight to the finish to see which of the remaining two chefs will take home the $10,000.

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Ron Ben-Israel is the host of the sugar-packed competition series Sweet Genius. More

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Sweet Genius

Master Pastry Chef Ron Ben-Israel returns for another season of the sugar-packed series Sweet Genius.