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The king of cakes shares his recipes and techniques to bake like a pro at home.

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  • Sweet Genius

    In the mood for mistletoe and merriment, Chef Ron has a host of holiday surprises for the competitors! In the first test: A little ambassador from the North Pole, a fabled pudding and a classic yuletide candy. The chefs get an icy inspiration for the second test, along with a starchy packaged food and a colorful refreshment. When the last two chefs compete in the final holiday hoorah, the cakes test, they must find a way to make chocolate treats work with beets and a magical inspiration.

  • Sweet Genius

    In the first test of genius, the chefs are inspired by some canine cuteness for their breakfast food and bland bread chocolate desserts. In the second test, the chefs get an entertaining inspiration, peanuts and a sweet drink. With two chefs left competing for the title of Sweet Genius, a charming, chiming object gets the chefs' imaginations ticking. But who will be able to make the better cake from a supermarket treat and an aromatic grass?

  • Sweet Genius

    In the chocolate desserts test, the chefs must create dishes from marshmallows and water chestnuts that leave Chef Ron Ben-Israel speechless. In the candy test, the chefs must use rolled fruit snacks and shortbread cookies to honor their colorful, twisty inspiration. The last two chefs walk on eggshells trying to incorporate savory ingredients for their final cake test.

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Ron Ben-Israel is the host of the sugar-packed competition series Sweet Genius. More

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Sweet Genius

Master Pastry Chef Ron Ben-Israel returns for another season of the sugar-packed series Sweet Genius.