England Has a Shop Specializing in Potato-Chip Sandwiches

Mr. Crisp, “England's first crisp sandwich shop,” is set to capitalize on the British taste for crunchy potato-chip sandwiches (aka “crisp butties”).

People around the world like a lot of different things in their sandwiches. (See also this video.) And while we in the United States may generally prefer to eat our potato chips on the side, in the U.K. folks are apparently partial to eating them between two slices of bread — right where you might expect to find your lunch meat or PB&J or whatever.

Capitalizing on this taste for crunchy potato-chip sandwiches (“crisp butties,” they call them) is Mr. Crisp, which bills itself as “England's first crisp sandwich shop” (apparently Belfast quite enjoyed a crisp sandwich pop-up — Simply Crispy — that launched there in January), offering sandwiches filled with “over 50 varieties of crisp for you to enjoy.” Customers also get their choice of bread (white or brown, teacakes or baguettes) and topping: Try it with ketchup, jam, peanut butter, Marmite or the mayonnaise-like “salad cream,” or get crazy and order it with chocolate spread. Crisp sandwiches start at £1 and go up to £1.50, depending on your toppings. (Marshmallow, anyone?).

Since it opened in Keighley, West Yorkshire, last week, fulfilling a long-held dream of its 42-year-old owner, Mark Pearson, Mr. Crisp has apparently done a brisk business, with Pearson taking to Facebook to thank crisp lovers who’ve traveled from far and wide to sample its sandwiches.

“I have always had an idea to launch a crisp sandwich shop,” Pearson told the Daily Mail, adding that the Belfast crisp-sandwich pop-up inspired him to seize the moment. After spending a few months figuring out which crisps and flavors to carry and crunching the numbers, he said, “Now I feel the time is now or never. I could either sit on the fence and get left behind or go and take a chance.”

In fact, Pearson is already reportedly considering expanding with additional locations. Let the chips fall where they may.

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