Frozen Treats

No-Churn Ice Cream
No-Churn Ice Cream

No ice cream maker? No problem. Our creamy, customizable flavors require no machine.

Frozen Coffee Shop Treats
Frozen Coffee Shop Treats

Try your favorite coffee or tea drink made over into a luscious frozen dessert.

Cool Ideas, All Summer
Cool Ideas, All Summer

Dig into our best recipes for ice cream, pops and more.

Chill Out with Food Network Chefs
Frozen Dessert Recipes
11 Cool Uses for Ice Cube Trays

Freeze leftovers, key ingredients and more.

6 Treats to Make in Your Freezer
5 Choppedsicles

If you're ready for some outside-the-basket flavors, including watermelon-basil and peach-almond, these ice pops are for you. 

Ice Pops for Breakfast!

Cool down and fuel up with five smoothie-inspired pops to start your day. 

Frozen Treats from the Camp Canteen

Roll up your sleeves and prepare to get messy with Food Network Kitchen's wistful takes on old-school frozen treats from the camp canteen. 

Giant Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

The only thing better than an ice cream sandwich is a gigantic one. This party-perfect cake version serves 24.

Fun, Fruity Granitas

Use fruit, juices and your freezer to make these icy snacks in a range of colors and flavors.