Mango Chutney

Total Time:
1 hr
15 min
45 min

about 4 cups

  • 4 pounds fresh mangos, ripe but not too soft, peeled
  • 3 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1 teaspoon chile flakes
  • 2 1/2 cups medium dice red onion
  • 1/4 cup minced fresh ginger
  • 1 cup small dice red bell pepper
  • 8 ounces unsweetened pineapple juice
  • 4 ounces cider vinegar
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons curry powder
  • Kosher salt and fresh ground white pepper
  • 1/2 cup raisins or golden raisins
  • 1/2 cup toasted, roughly chopped macadamia nuts

Cut the mango flesh away from the pit. The pit is shaped similar to an obelisk, so you'll end up with 2 large pieces and 2 smaller pieces from each mango. Roughly chop the flesh.

In a saute pan heat the oil and add the chile flakes. Be careful not to burn the chile, just toast to flavor the oil. Add the onions and sweat until soft. Add the ginger and bell pepper and saute for 1 to 2 minutes. Finally add the mango and cook for 1 more minute.

In a separate bowl, combine the pineapple juice, vinegar, sugar, and curry powder. Add this mixture to the pan. Stir to combine. Bring the mixture to a bare simmer and reduce for about 30 minutes, stirring frequently. Season with salt and pepper. Add the raisins and the nuts and transfer to another container over an ice bath. I used a mild yellow curry powder, but if you want it hotter go for red.

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4.7 35
This was great! I only had 2 1/2 lbs. of mangos and forgot and made the rest of the recipe as written. But, it didn't really need all that fruit. Added a couple of minced jalapeños for more spice.  Really good! item not reviewed by moderator and published
I have made this one and it was delicious! I was wondering if would work with apples instead of mangos? item not reviewed by moderator and published
This is a good recipe and I'm grateful to Alton for sharing it. I don't care for the cider vinegar flavor in this mixture and next time will use white vinegar or lime juice as the acid. I like to cook Indian and added some nigella seeds (kalonji) to the hot oil. Other stone fruits like peach and apricot (which I used) also work well. Do use golden raisins and red onion for an authentic take. I added a little chilly powder (ground red chiles only) as it was mild for me. item not reviewed by moderator and published
Another great review! This was quite delicious and i bottled it and gave it as hostess gifts as well. Would love to know if it can be frozen.. Have a ton of mangoes I'd like to cut up and make more of this with. The only omission I made was the macadamia nuts. Couldn't see where it would enhance it at all.... only add fat and calories. I opted to mix the raisins, both golden and purple. I think I prefer the golden, personally. Super great layers of flavors. WILL MAKE AGAIN. item not reviewed by moderator and published
Wonderful!! Served over a pompano I caught this morning. Need I say more? item not reviewed by moderator and published
Superdeliciousness!! Amazingly flavorful and this recipe makes enough to save for many meals. I only had a few pieces of frozen mango but a LOT of frozen I used both. I also had frozen cherries....? Maybe I'll try it if I'm in a real pinch. Also, I used agave instead of brown sugar and pineapple juice instead of OJ - and left out the raisins and nuts - it's already super sweet as it is. Thanks for all the suggestions! item not reviewed by moderator and published
this chutney is delicious! i omitted the chili pepper for the kids, using frozen mango made prepwork a snap. i served this with jamaican red beans and rice and jerk mahi skewers. my son said, he felt like he was eating at a restaurant - will definitely make again. : item not reviewed by moderator and published
Absolutely Gooooood. Can't wait to use it at a cook out this spring on some Salmom,Chicken and Ribs. It took some time to make but was well worth it! item not reviewed by moderator and published
Seriously good Mango chutney. I made a double batch twice this mango season bottled it and gave it to friends. It was a hit!!! item not reviewed by moderator and published
wonderful on all kinds of foods. freeze in smaller portions and it is ready in seconds to put on everything. item not reviewed by moderator and published

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