Canning, Pickling and Preserves 101

Alton's Picks
Alton's Picks

Alton demystifies pickling with his recipes for sours and bread-and-butters.

Get Jammin'
Get Jammin'

Don't be afraid to DIY: Canning homemade jam is easy enough for the whole family.

Refrigerator Pickles

Spice up any lunch with Alton's recipe for salty, crisp pickles. Watch the Video

Pickling and Preserving How-Tos
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How to Can, Pickle and Preserve at Home
Recipes and Ideas for Jarring At Home
Amp Up Your Antipasto

Add a kick to your antipasto spread with zesty, Italian-style pickled vegetables.

Sweet-and-Savory Compote

Preserve summer peaches with mustard seeds and herbs for a year-round condiment.