Potatoes Gratin

Total Time:
1 hr 10 min
20 min
10 min
40 min

6 to 8 servings

  • 2 pounds baking potatoes, peeled and sliced paper-thin
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 2 garlic cloves, split
  • Leaves from 4 fresh thyme sprigs
  • 3 tablespoons chopped fresh chives, plus more for garnish
  • 1 cup grated Parmigiano-Reggiano
  • Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. In a large bowl combine all the ingredients, tossing to coat. Season with salt and pepper. Put the potato mixture into a casserole dish, flatten it out with a spatula, and bake for 40 minutes, until the potatoes are tender and the gratin is bubbly. Let stand for 10 minutes before serving. Garnish with fresh chives.

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    This is my go-to potato recipe. The only thing I would caution is trying to assemble the dish too far in advance before baking. When I have prepared and assembled it an hour or less before baking, it has turned out great. The last time I made it, I attempted to assemble the night before. Not a good idea. While it was still very tasty, it separated and the oil from the cheese came to the top. I am still giving the recipe all 5 stars because when you follow it, it comes out perfectly every time.
    Delicious, but the time needed to cook potatoes is way off; I added an additional 20 minutes but the potatoes were still not fully cooked and the cream was not fully absorbed so the dish was runny (but cream did not separate). I used a mandolin for 1/8 inch uniform slices.
    easy and great! the key is slicing the potatoes thin (use a mandoline if you have to) and using good cheese. if you use a food processor then the dish needs to bake for an hour. wonderful side to our christmas rib roast!
    Made this today for my Christmas dinner.....great with the prime rib! Cutting the potatoes thin is the key!
    During the month of Ramadan (fasting month I yearn for comfort food to break my fast. 
    This recipe is easy and fast and the result was just as I imagined it. Warm and soft. A total bliss.I look forward to making this recipe many times over. The ingredients are readily available and a real time saver for all of us working professionals. I would bake it 30 minutes longer though the next time, as the potatoes were a tad hard.
    Delicious! Easy to make and so much flavor. I skipped the chives and sauteed some chopped scallions in a little EVOO instead. I mixed them in with the potato mixture to bake and it was so good! I also baked mine 20 min. extra, as some others suggested, so that the potatoes would be tender.
    I follow this recipe exactly and have made it many times. It is easy to halve the recipe too (sometimes I make it just for me. By far my favorite go to potato recipe for entertaining. Perfect with Easter ham or a grilled steak and so easy and quick to put together if you have a mandoline for slicing. EVERYONE loves it. So decadent and yummy! Thank you Tyler!
    I wanted to try something new for Thanksgiving this year and I decided on this recipe because I love all of Tyler's food. It was a knockout! I added 2 more cloves of garlic because mine were small and I minced them up really fine. I added plenty of salt and upped the thyme and chives also. I will make this many more times!
    Delicious and great for a crowd. I absolutely love this recipe and easy to make. I emailed Tyler's recipe to my daughter who was daring enough to cook it for the first time at a dinner party she hosted at her apartment. She served it in a French casserole dish and felt like a rock star! Thank you Tyler.
    The smell coming from the oven is heavenly! I will keep this recipe for life. The potatoes did need added cooking time to really brown the top. I'm making these for Easter family dinner and expect lots of "ooohhs".
    Delicious, to be sure. But, 40 minutes just didn't do it and I used a mandolin to slice the potatoes paper thin. the next time I'll add twenty minutes to the cooking time!
    To the reviewer named "teeitup" regarding your potatoes not being creamy but oily and separating...mine did that once when I cooked them too long. If you get the right thickness which is pretty thin, mine weren't paper thin, and cook them 40 minutes and take them out they should be very creamy.
    One of the best gratin recipes I'm come across. Instead of the thyme, I did fresh rosemary instead. GREAT.
    I made this for my family and everyone loved it.
     I followed the receipe to the letter with three exceptions.
     First, I used shredded parmisano and romano cheeses.
     Second, I added one finely sliced vidalia onion.
     Third, I baked it for one hour. I suspect that added bake time probably had to do with the size of the potatoe slices.
     Everyone agreed the dish was delicious. I expect to make it often. It is so easy to make.
     We ate this dish with slices of warmed ham. Next time I am going to put diced ham in the receipe.
    I made this incredible potato dish for Easter and just looking at it and smelling it made everyone ohhhh and ahhhhh! The taste was fabulous. If you slice the potatoes on a mandolin slicer they will be done as specified. I think it makes all the difference to have them sliced as thin as possible. The cheese was quite expensive, but definitely worth every penny. This is definitely a "company worthy" dish and it's one I'll continue to make for everyone to enjoy...an empty dish means to me a true winner. This one is!
    This was delicious and fool proof. I used a foodnetwork Mandolin found at Kohl's for $19 and cut the potatoes paper thin. I also chopped and used chives throughout the recipe, not just on top for garnish. This dish needs plenty of time to cool before trying to devour since it comes out of the oven lava hot and bubbly. I'm making it again this weekend, it was that good!
    these are by far the best potatoes i have ever had. i make them at least once every couple of weeks. kind of fattening, but if you make it with something light it isn't too bad. so delicious.
    I've tried this recipe twice now. 
    Easy to make, Tastes good. 
    I followed the recipe as written. ( I pressed my garlic). 
    I can't get the creaminess I expect. I seems oily and the cream separates. 
    If I could fix this problem I would rate it higher. 
    Set it and forget it....This was easy and the boss loved it...I used a mandoline so the potatoes were cut very thin and even for cooking...Thanks Tyler you were spot on!
    This was very easy, and very delicious! It is rich though, just a warning. I used russett potatoes and just sliced them as thin as I could get them, which was not that thin. It still came out great. I think next time I might try yukon golds for a richer potato and maybe use a lighter milk. I don't know if that will work, but the cream is just so rich for my taste. Definitely try it just like the recipe says though! It is so good.
    These potatoes took rave reviews at the family gathering I made them for. I varied from the recipe just a bit. I opted to melt some Boursin (soft herbed cheese) into the cream before I added it to the potatoes. And, I sprinkled the top liberally with more Parmesan. It came out perfect!
    Wow was this great or what? Talk about easy. It is our newest brunch favorite! Thanks Tyler.
    Yummy! Didnt use any chives, and i used a little bit dried thyme instead of fresh. I used a food processor to slice the potatoes, so the cooking time is longer. Very good, creamy and cheesey! Great as a side dish! Make sure you use the right amount of potatoes so that it will cook thoroughly.
    OMG SOOOO Delish! I love that it wasn't so heavy and it was a breeze to make. I agree with Doxi a few reviews down....Tyler we love you
    EXCELLENT. Substituted 1/4 of a large sweet onion for the chives and Kroger 10mo aged Parmesan for the Parmeginao-Reggiano but the dish was still PHENOMENAL! 
    My Parmigiano-Reggiano arrived today so will be making again this weekend for friends as a side dish with safron-cream pan-seared chicken and Italian green beans, woohoo!
    DELISH!!!!! Followed to the T. Perfect. I loved the ease of this. Not layering the potatoes was a dlight. To the reviewer below who OVERSALTED, and USED HALF and HALF verus the CREAM. Why the Hell are you rating the recipe after you ruined it yourself. I hate STUPID people!
    I've had a lot of success with Tyler's recipes in the past and was very optimistic about this potato dish. The reviews were glowing and the list of ingredients sounded delicious. I didn't have a mandolin, so sliced the potatoes as thinly as I could and increased the oven time some 30-40 mins. I used half & half in place of heavy cream. I oversalted a bit, not allowing for the saltiness of the Pecorino. Beyond that, it was okay, but didn't knock our socks off. Even the leftovers were just "meh". Sorry, Tyler! But it won't stop be from trying some of your other delightful recipes.
    As stated by many earlier reviewers, this is the recipe. I cook almost every day but have never made potatoes gratin for some reason.
     We got to work with a mandoline and it was really awesome. The only change I made was that I wanted a different onion in the potatoes (not green onions, but yellow) so I cut up a yellow onion (ok, my husband cut it, because it scares me when I get too close to the blad of the mandoline; I have too many cooking scars!). I omitted the green onion. Maybe I'll try it some other time, as I'm sure it's good too.
     It was so much easier to put together since you don't have to layer out the potatoes all neat and orderly. Tossing them works great--then smash 'em in the pan! And it comes out as if you stood there all night layering potatoes. The combination of herbs flavor the cream in a quiet manner and it is so rich rich rich. I tried to stop eating them because I knew how bad they were for me, but it was truly impossible to resist. Everyone had seconds.
    This dish was very good! Easy. My husband commented thru out the meal good priases. Made my heart sing with joy as my family enjoyed.
    To answer Anne's question, Tyler used heavy cream in this recipe.
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