All The Things You Didn't Know About Alton Brown

Alton Brown reveals his favorite foods, unexpected hobbies and more.

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All About Alton

How much do you know about Alton Brown when he’s not acting as a commentator, judge or mentor on our favorite food-competition shows? He reveals his hobbies, food-addictions and taste in music.

Something He Thought He'd Never Own: A Little Dog

An Instrument He Plays: Saxophone

A Cooking Hack: Separating and Freezing Egg Yolks Ahead of Time for Future Use

The Item He Always Travels With: Playing Cards

The Thing He Can't Live Without: Books

An Unusual Ice Cream Flavor He Loves: Black Sesame Seed

The Number of James Beard Foundation Awards He's Won: 2

One Food He's Completely Obsessed With: Doughnuts

A Gift He Can Always Appreciate: Socks

Familiar Accessory: He Loves Watches

One Food He Loves to Eat but Can’t Stand Cooking: Artichoke

Cookbook Connoisseur: He Has More Than 2,000 at His Office

Lights, Camera, Action: He’s Trained to Be a Director

How He Spends His Free Time: He Flies Airplanes

He Always Listens to Music While Cooking: “I’m Anywhere From Opera to Led Zeppelin”

Least Favorite Food: Calf’s Liver

Hidden Talent: He Plays the Guitar

Bow-Tie Buff: He Has a Collection of 200 Bow Ties

Unexpected Food Addiction: Canned Sardines

Who He Wanted to Be When He Grew Up: Jacques Cousteau

Spec Collector: He Has a Lot of Glasses

Chosen Mode of Transport: “I Would Ride a Motorcycle Every Day If I Could.”

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