All the Recipes from Alton Brown’s Good Eats: The Return

The food-science guru is back with brand-new dishes that you’re going to be obsessed with. Check them all out right here.

Chicken Parm

There’s a secret ingredient in the breading on Alton’s juicy chicken: salt and vinegar potato chips! They lend both flavor and texture to the finished dish.

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Quinoa and Broccoli Casserole

Hearty and packed with protein, quinoa takes the place of traditional rice in this comforting, family-friendly casserole.

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Chocolate Chia Pudding

After blitzing the ingredients together in the blender, transfer the pudding to a container and let it chill. It really is that easy.

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Immersion Circulator Fennel Cordial

Fresh fennel fronds turn the vodka a vibrant green hue in this subtle but strong cocktail.

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Immersion Circulator Rump Roast

Being being transferred to a bag and heading into the water, the roast is quickly seared until brown. What results is a juicy, tender piece of beef that can be used in myriad ways.

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Immersion Circulator Mini Cheesecakes

A squeeze of lemon juice brightens up Alton's super-creamy cheesecake, which he tops with butter graham crackers for the crunch you crave.

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Smoky Romesco

Follow Alton's lead and set up a smoking station to infuse the tomato paste and peppers with plenty of flavor. This will add tons of taste to the finished sauce.

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Silky Salsa Verde

Xantham gum may seem like an unusual ingredient to keep on hand, but trust Alton and pick up a jar, because it stabilizes this sauce, making it a bit thicker, and balances the flavors.

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Umami Mayo

Don't shy away from making homemade mayo; it really is key to achieving the full flavor of this rich sauce.

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Once you've made the sauce, form little divots in it so you can plop the eggs inside.

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Quick Preserved Lemons

"As long as they're kept refrigerated, preserved lemons should keep indefinitely," Alton says. Keep a jar on hand to serve with chicken, fish and beef, and use in his shakshuka recipe.

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Urfa Biber Harissa

It's worth the effort of sourcing urfa pepper for this harissa, which is a key ingredient in Alton's bold shakshuka.

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Chocolate Mocha Refrigerator Cake

Let's be honest. The toughest part of this recipe is letting the cake chill overnight before digging in. But you'll be glad you did, because the cookies need time to soften as they absorb the cream.

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Strawberry Pepper Icebox Cake

Don't worry. This won't be a spicy dessert. The black pepper balances the sweetness of the strawberry preserves to create a supremely flavor cake.

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Oyster Poor Boy

Take Alton’s advice: It’s worth the time and money to buy in-the-shell oysters, rather than pre-shucked oysters in a can, for this recipe. Plus, learning how to shuck an oyster at home is fun! (It’s all about finding the “hinge” in the shell.)

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Steak Tartare

The key to eating raw beef safely is buying great-quality meat from a butcher you know and trust, and working carefully with it at home. Alton explains everything you need to know in his recipe.

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Ahi Tuna Poke

Alton likes to use chopsticks to mix the chopped tuna with the light citrus-scented sauce so as to work as gently as possible for the sake of the seafood.

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Sticky Toffee Pudding

Baking these puddings in popover molds allows for individual-size desserts — and plenty of caramel sauce in each portion!

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Blue Cheese Bacon Devils on Horseback

There are layers upon layers of flavor going on here. Sherry-soaked dates are first stuffed with tangy blue cheese then rolled in salty, smoky bacon to create a sweet-savory combo you'll crave.

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Wild Sourdough Starter

Patience is the name of the game here. But once you make this starter, you can put it to good use in several of Alton's go-to recipes.

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Sourdough Cheese Crackers

Trust us. These are SO much better than the square cheese crackers you know. The secret is Alton's sourdough starter, which gives this snack its undeniable flavor.

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Sourdough Waffles

"This recipe requires your sourdough starter to be fed on a 12-hour schedule. If you usually refresh every 24 hours, simply begin feeding your starter every 12 hours two days in advance," Alton explains. "Once you reach the fourth feeding, you can start making waffles from your discard."

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