Season 2, Episode 11

Pan Roasted Pork Chops

Jack asks Frederic to teach her how to make succulent, juicy pan roasted pork chops with a quick apple chutney on the side.

Episode Guide
Below you’ll find a helpful episode guide for cooking along with Frederic and Jack, as well as tips and recipe rescues.

Equipment List:

  • Vegetable peeler

  • Chef’s knife

  • Microwave-safe bowl

  • Microwave

  • Measuring spoons

  • Large oven-proof skillet

  • Tongs

  • Cutting board

  • Aluminum foil

  • Pepper mill

  • Flat spatula

  • Dry measuring cups

  • Instant-read thermometer

Cooking thin vs. thick pork chops:

  • Pan-frying, grilling, or broiling are best cooking methods for pork chops.

  • Look for chops cut 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches thick. Thinner chops are more prone to drying out.

  • Thin chops need some protection; breading is a good way of insulating the meat and keeping the juices inside. A thick spice rub or a marinade serves a similar purpose, and also adds some flavor.

Searing, tenting, and resting meat:

  • Searing is a very high-heat, fast cooking method used to brown the exterior of the meat and produce a nice crisp crust; searing adds flavor to meat and seals in the juices.

  • Tent meat to keep it warm while resting, but don’t let foil touch meat, as this affects crust and does not give it the room it needs to rest.

  • Meat needs to rest so that the juices redistribute throughout the piece of meat. If you cut into the meat immediately, you lose at least half of its juices.

Cooking with apples:

  • Macintosh, Fuji, Granny Smith, Rome Beauty, Empire, and Golden Delicious varieties are all good for cooking.

  • A high sugar content and a high acid content are both desired, as well as an apple that holds it shape when cooked.

Recipe Rescues:

  • Dry Pork Chops – Briefly simmer in a little broth or cooking liquid to re-moisten the interior. Remember that carry-over cooking will raise the internal temperature of the chops several degrees, so next time remove from heat sooner.

  • Mushy Apples – Cooking them (like in the chutney) is the best way to use mushy apples. When selecting apples for cooking, choose ones that feel rock hard and do not have any brown spots or blemished areas.

  • Oil Begins Smoking – Take it off of the heat and let it cool down before adding pork chops. Make sure the chops are dry before adding them to the pan; any amount of water will make the oil spatter.

  • Pan Begins Burning – Transfer the chops to a new skillet, or remove them to a platter while you clean the pan. Add more oil, and then continue searing. If you have finished searing, finish cooking them in the oven in a new oven-safe pan or platter.

  • Pork Chops Curl/Cook Unevenly – Keep them flat while cooking by gently pressing down with a flat spatula. Look for chops with even thickness throughout.

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