Desperate Times: A Weekend With Big Chef, the Paarti Girl ... and Eva Longoria Parker

By: Brandy Shearer

Now that the Star finalists are down to just five — can you believe it? — I'm finding myself pretty invested in a few of these guys. And I have a theory about who's best equipped at this point to get high marks from this  Sunday night's guest judge Eva Longoria Parker!  

First, Aarti. Why? Because she seems so focused on just wanting people to enjoy her food, I can't see her getting star-struck. Second, I'd say Tom. He's just hanging out, having lots of food fun and seems kind of immune to the jitters all around.

So while I'm a huge Brad fan (as many of you know) and think both Aria and Herb have lots going for them, they just seem more susceptible somehow to getting tripped up by nerves, even if their food rocks. Guess we'll see .... What do you think?
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