Patrick and Gina Neely

Pat and Gina Neely
Neelys' Lemon Pasta Salad

Fresh asparagus and a lemony dressing make the Neelys' pasta salad special.

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  • Down Home with the Neelys

    Pat and Gina are making some food memories in the kitchen today with Pat's sister Jackie. Starting things off right is a Sweet Potato Bisque and to go along with that, a Honey Spiced Roast Chicken that is out of this world. Then it's onto a Marinated Lentil and Kale Salad that is so big on flavor you'll forget it's healthy for you! And Pat and Gina finish things right with their Upside Down Pineapple Grit Cake.

  • Down Home with the Neelys

    It's all about the 'Neely Italian Favorites,' they're taking the best of Italy and putting a Southern spin on it. First, two tantalizing appetizers, a delectably juicy Tomato Bruschetta and an oozy to the max Fried Mozzarella with Marinara Cream Sauce. Then, for the main course, a Veggie Pesto Lasagna packing a seriously nutritious punch. For dessert, they're churning out Espresso Ice Cream with a sweet caffeine kick! These 'Neely Italian Favorites' will have you singing, 'That's amore' before you can say, 'dinner's ready!'

  • Down Home with the Neelys

    Pat and Gina are bringing the Island flavors to Memphis today with a little help from Tony Neely. They've got a Grilled Jerk Chicken that'll have you feeling like you're on the beach. Then, Pat and Gina fry up some mouth-watering Fried Plantains. Next up, they keep it light with a deliciously simple, Black Bean, Mango and Tomato Salad. And finally, it wouldn't be a trip to the Islands without a cocktail and Pat and Gina don't disappoint when they do a little remixing to create a Pina Colada Sorbet with Coconut Whipped Cream. You'll be booking a trip to the Islands after this feast!

  • Down Home with the Neelys

    The Neelys are gearing up for a slam dunk dinner, and what better place to fuel up hungry athletes than at the FedEx Forum, home of the Memphis Grizzlies? First, they're grilling up a boatload of protein, with their mouthwatering Mushroom and Swiss BBQ Burger. Then, it's a carb-loaded side that'll keep the Grizzlies going strong well into the fourth quarter, Italian Pasta Salad. Finally, a dessert as sweet as victory, crispy chocolate Grizz Treats! After the Neelys dish out this formidable feast, there is no way the opposing team will be able to handle the "Grizzly Game!"

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  • Down Home with the Neelys

    Pat and Gina are cooking up some healthy habits with their daughter Spenser and her good friend Kirby. Starting it off is a White Bean and Roasted Garlic Dip that is the perfect start to any healthy meal. No one is missing the meat when they get a bite of the Grilled Portobello Panini and its perfect compliment- Asparagus Soup. To end the meal in style it's an Angel Food Cake and Berry Trifle that is out of this world.

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