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Neelys' Lemon Pasta Salad


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  • Down Home with the Neelys

    'It's a Pig's World' in the Neely household and no course is excluded! First, they're oinking it up with spicy Triple Pork Sliders. Then, a quick and easy appetizer you'll want to have at all of your gatherings, Pigs in a Blanket with Tangy Dipping sauce. Even the vegetables are getting some swine love when Gina makes their palate pleasing, Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus. For dessert, sweet and salty join forces when chocolate douses bacon for their, Chocolate Oink. Finally, you'll pucker for Gina's pig colored beverage the, Pink Lady Cocktail. 'It's a Pig's World baby!'

  • Down Home with the Neelys

    Pat and Gina put the remix on some of their favorites that turns a regular ole weeknight, into a wonderful one! Gina puts the Neely spin on her mom's Chicken Soup with Egg Noodles -it's sure to cure whatever you've got! Next up, they create a hearty Pecan Crusted Catfish Sandwich that packs flavor and crunch. Finally, your favorite cookie gets a makeover with Gina's Chocolate Cookie Surprise Sandwiches. And, what's good food, if it can't be shared? So, Spenser stops by to get her fill of this delicious fare.

  • Down Home with the Neelys

    After a long day of work, everyone craves some good ole 'Easy Eats!' The Neelys are showing you how to make a meal full of flavor, without the hassle. First, they're firing up the grill for their, Grilled Turkey Sliders w/Tomato Jam. Then, it's two sides packed with flavor; a moist, Triple Corn Quick Bread and a unique vegetable, Grilled Broccolini. Finally, a dessert as easy as it is adorable, Cookie Pizza! From start to finish this meal will be ready before you can say, 'Easy Eats!'

  • Down Home with the Neelys

    Pat and Gina are getting into a slimmer supper with their good friend Belinda Anderson. They keep it light and delicious with Grilled Salmon topped with a Citrus Butter and they're remixing mashed potatoes with their Crispy Mustard Potato Cakes. Then it's off to the perfect complement for any meal, a Crunchy Chopped Green Bean Salad. And to wash it all down, a refreshing Raspberry Basil Iced Tea.

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  • Down Home with the Neelys

    Lights, camera, action! The Neelys’ midnight movie munchies will have you leaping out of your seat. They start off with Gina's Chicken Alfredo Pizza. For Pat's sweet tooth, there's a Homemade Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and Neelys’ Chocolate Dipped Cookies. And when Gina's sister stops by, there's gotta be BBQ popcorn. With munchies like this, why go out to the movies when you can stay in with the Neelys?

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