Tina Fey and Fellow 30 Rock Writers Visit Food Network Kitchens

Get an insider's look at what went down when Tina Fey and the writers of 30 Rock took over Food Network Kitchens for a private dinner in celebration of the holidays and the seventh and final season of their hit show.

The Creator of Liz Lemon

Not just the star of 30 Rock, Tina Fey is also one the show's lead writers.

Recipe Talk

An enthusiastic home cook, writer John Riggi helped Food Network Kitchens Chef Richmond Flores put together the multicourse menu, complete with warming butternut squash soup, truffled pasta, tender short ribs and moist fish.

Setting the Scene

A few flickering candles and fine stemware helped to create an elegant yet relaxed atmosphere inside spacious Food Network Kitchens.

Sweet Tooth

For writer Colleen McGuinness, it's a candy jar that often presents the most tempting snack in the writers' room.

First Course

Topped with crispy bacon and buttery, crunchy croutons, this comforting butternut squash soup was pureed until smooth, then spiked with cayenne pepper.

Pure Indulgence

"A brie wheel heated up with jam on it, and then really good sushi, and a white wedding cake with white icing," Tina says when asked to speculate on her character, Liz Lemon's, last supper.

Lunch Show-and-Tell

Writer Tom Ceraulo shared a food game that he and his colleagues play each afternoon. In a video conference, one out-of-state writer shares a quick peek at what he happens to be eating for lunch that day and the New York-based staff have to guess what is on his plate. Tina added later, "Whoever gets the closest . . . wins nothing."

Mise en Place

Chef Flores set up this handy tray with everything he and John would need to finish the pasta course in a flash: finely chopped chives, truffle butter and plenty of Parmesan cheese.

On the Line

Chef Flores and John get to work plating the second course of the dinner: linguini with a cheesy truffle cream sauce.

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