Total Time:
2 hr
15 min
1 hr 45 min

6 servings

  • 3 pounds potatoes, scrubbed
  • 2 sticks butter
  • 1 1/4 cups hot milk
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 head cabbage, cored and finely shredded
  • 1 (1-pound) piece ham or bacon, cooked the day before
  • 4 scallions, finely chopped
  • Chopped parsley leaves, for garnish

Steam the potatoes in their skins for 30 minutes. Peel them using a knife and fork. Chop with a knife before mashing. Mash thoroughly to remove all the lumps. Add 1 stick of butter in pieces. Gradually add hot milk, stirring all the time. Season with a few grinds of black pepper.

Boil the cabbage in unsalted water until it turns a darker color. Add 2 tablespoons butter to tenderize it. Cover with lid for 2 minutes. Drain thoroughly before returning it to the pan. Chop into small pieces.

Put the ham in a large saucepan and cover with water. Bring to the boil and simmer for 45 minutes until tender. Drain. Remove any fat and chop into small pieces.

Add cabbage, scallions, and ham to mashed potatoes, stirring them in gently.

Serve in individual soup plates. Make an indentation on the top by swirling a wooden spoon. Put 1 tablespoon of butter into each indentation. Sprinkle with parsley.

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    I have made this exact recipe since seeing this years ago. It is a very long complicated process. I have decided from now on not to do the potatoes like this....too much hassle. Just going to peel potatoes and cut up like you do for boiling potatoes for mashed potatoes. Will just fix the mashed potatoes and then add in the ham, green onion and cooked cabbage. It is a very comforting recipe but it is kind of plain since there are no spices but I definitely fix this every year.
    I agree. If you followed his process it takes you way to long.
    I don't find it long or complicated. What is the difference between this and "fixing mashed potatoes" and this, for crying out loud? This is an authentic Irish recipe and doesn't require spices. It is meant to bland and delicious!
    You really need to saute the cabbage for quite a while to get it soft. This are delicious. I use all the butter and then some and the scallions and bacon. YUM!!!
    I've made this twice and it is so good! It's our new St. Patrick's Day meal. I only use about half the butter, and I've not put in the scallions (I forgot) - but it's so good without them that I won't change it now. Definitely a comfort food. A favorite in our house now!
    2 changes I didn't put in my original review: I just boil and mash the potatoes and I absolutely do not boil the ham - the saltiness of the ham adds so much flavor!
    Tasteless! What a waste of my time! I spent the better part of a day making this dish, and then I had to add all kinds of things including salt, pepper, stone-ground mustard, celery seeds, Worcestershire sauce, butter, cream; you name it, I tried it. This stuff was similar to wallpaper paste. I know the Brits have more taste buds than this! Jeez!
    its a simple food from ireland, made with fresh home grown ingredients, its not ment to be fancy, it was a poor mans dish, and it doesnt take that long, if you cant wait 2 hrs for a home cooked meal then theres something seriously wrong !!!!!!!!!!!
    This recipe was yummy. Although peeling already cooked potatoes was a pain. Also the scallions were a bit overpowering. Next time I will use less and prolly sauté them with the ham bits. My good friend can't eat pork so I used turkey ham sautéed in a little bit of olive oil.
    This recipe was amazing!! The only thing I found was that there was so much cabbage that I actually used part of it in the Colcannon and dished up the rest with some bacon as another side dish!
    I thought this dish was absolutely delicious. Served it as part of our St. Patrick's Day dinner. I made the recipe as written.
    This was a really neat way to incorporate cabbage into our St Paddy's Day dinner. I searched a few other recipes which had kale in them so I added some to this. I also cut down the prep time by skipping making my own potatoes! I used two packages of Bob Evans refrigerated original mashed potatoes. I had potatoes for days! But this was really delicious. I also used thick cut bacon cut into small pieces and slow cooked in a saute pan rather than ham chunks. I like the idea of sauteing the cabbage in the bacon grease to add even more flavor. My family and our guests all enjoyed this a lot!
    Mixed reviews in my house. Older generation loved, the younger not so much. The potatoes and cabbage were a bit of a hassle given the outcome. I think I'd tweek like the idea below to fry some bacon and sautee the cabage in the drippings. Overall good, havent tried the leftovers yet...
    On St Patrick's Day i was looking for something to go with the corned beef besides the same old boiled potatoes and stumbled across this recipe. I steamed my potatoes using the whole 5# bag of yukon golds I had- fried some chopped bacon til crunchy, set the bacon aside and added the cabbage to bacon drippings with some chicken broth - cooked til the cabbage was soft- mashed the potatoes (skins on with lots of browned butter- drained and added the cabbage to the potatoes as well as, the bacon bits, salt and pepper to taste, and scallions. this will be my go to recipe- It was amazing!!
    I made this for the first time on St. Patrick's Day to accompany Michael Symon's Irish Stew and my Irish Soda Bread. What a fantastic meal. My husband HATES cooked cabbage in any form. He will only eat coleslaw. Well, even he went back for seconds on everything, including the Colcannon. I forgot to buy a piece of ham so I used bacon instead and it was huge hit. A drop or two of green food coloring gave it just a light green color to go with our green beer! I won't wait until St. Patrick's Day to make this crowd-pleaser again!
    I made this for the first time today using gold potatoes and a little bacon since the protein was covered by a corned beef. I followed the recipe exactly and it was delicious! Having said that, I will never peel already-cooked potatoes again! Truly a hassle. Since you're not going to get silky-smooth mashed potatoes anyway (cabbage, scallions, ham/bacon, just leave the peels on and have "smashed" potatoes. Soooo good!
    So good even my picky eaters ate it! My son loves this with chopped turkey inside (cooked hte day before and topped with turkey gravy.... YUMMM!
    Soooooo good! I added a little dill to the cabbage while I cooked it. I also added a few drops of horseradish sauce to the mashed potatoes and it was excellent!!
    the best i ever had! now, i want more!
    If you are a lover of potatoes and butter,you will absolutely love this recipe. I made it with leftover Easter ham and it was and now is in the top ten of my all time favorite meals.You have to put a lot of pepper and butter on it when you are serving it. I can not rave enough about this dish.
    Tested last week for St Pats party & was amazing! Used leeks instead of scallions, baking potatos (they're starchy and bacon. Don't skimp on the butter at the end...totally the Irish way. (They also use kale vs. gr cabbage. Searched several recipes and this was by far the best. Am serving w/Roasted Root Veg Irish Lamb Stew, Soda Bread (will buy & Guiness Brownies. I shaped leftovers into patties,sauteed in butter & topped w/eggs for breakfast - just cuz I could! Then made again on St. Pats was a total hit!
    This was delicious and easy to make. I made this for a St Patty's Day party and everyone loved it. This is a keeper and I've share it with many friends. Thanks FoodNetwork!!
    This is the ULTIMATE comfort food even if it isn't St Patrick's Day. I used a large ham hock instead of ham, cooled it down and took all the meat off the bone. Added a little of the "ham water to the cabbage when I cooked it. Everyone loved it. Thanks Cristabel and Tyler. Try this, you won't be disappointed. "Nana J" Minneapolis MN
    I was a little afraid of all the cabbage, but it cooks down so nice and doesn't smoother the dish at all. Overall, extremely yummy, comforting and CHEAP! Thanks Tyler.
    I used kale, onion (cooked in some bacon grease, and bacon. WOW!!! My whole family loved it. Imagine a fifteen year old going for seconds of a dish with kale!
    These are perfect! Funny how such a short and ordinary ingredient list can turn into something so delicious. This is an often requested (and craved) regular around here.
    The dish is wonderful. It has become a Family tradition in my household every year for St.Patricks's Day. The past few years I have taken it to work. Everyone there loves it to.
    I simmered some ham hocks and used the meat in place of the ham in this recipe. It was to die for as the smoky ham has so much more flavor than just regular ham. This will be a great recipe for St. Patty's Day.
    Delicious! Me & my man both LOVED it!
    This is a great recipe. Thank you Tyler for bringing to me. I used it as a side dish on thanksgiving, and everybody loved it. I wish I could give it ten stars.
    I made this dish for St Paddy's Day for my 3 children. So Yummy, they Absolutley loved it! What a nice change from the usual boiled dinner tradition. I served some nicely cooked sliced corned beef on the side, what a hit! This is now my families new St. Patrick's Day tradition :)
    So good they made a song about it!
    I haven't cooked this for 2 years yet it lingers in our memories. So I'm going all out for my (Irish) husband's birthday by making REAL homemade corned beef and, of course, this recipe for Colcannon. The corned beef has to be started 10 days in advance (an Alton Brown recipe). People always remember the Colcannon because many have never had it before.
     Thanks again, Florence. You never ever disappoint!
    We've used this Ultimate recipe for a number of years and the family has always raved over it. This St. Patrick's Day we did it again but this time we used Yukon Gold potatoes, steamed not boiled as the recipe dictates. I wasn't keen on the idea of peeling a hot potato with a fork but it was a snap. The cooked skins nearly jumped off the potatoes. After reading a number of articles on Irish cooking, I opted this year to use Canadian bacon since it is supposed to be about as close to "Irish bacon" as we can buy here in the States. It was fantastic! We'll not be going back to just plain old ham in this dish ever. And hats off to Tyler for this fantastic recipe!
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