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The Very Best of Boot Camp
The Very Best of Boot Camp

Relive the craziest and most-memorable moments, including all the cooking fails and dramatic exits.

A Close Runner-Up
A Close Runner-Up

Genique fought hard but came in second.

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  • With the final Recruit for each team chosen, Chef Anne Burrell and Chef Tyler Florence work with their Recruits to choose a refined three-course menu to be served to a panel of expert judges. While the Recruits cook, one must work through excruciating pain when she gets a taste of the real dangers facing professional chefs daily. The two final Recruits work tirelessly in a professional kitchen to determine who will be named the winner of the Worst Cooks in America and win $25,000.

The Worst Cooks in America Mentors
Meet the Mentors

Chefs Tyler Florence and Anne Burrell lead teams of recruits through seven weeks of culinary Boot Camp; at the end, only one contestant will earn $25,000 plus bragging rights for his or her chef-mentor.

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