Sparkling Wine Recipes

Give your drink that extra kick with one of these fizzy sparkling wine recipes. 

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  • Holiday Dessert Course
    Video | (03:18)

    The chefs make holiday desserts with yams, brie, wine and cranberries.

  • Prosecco Gelatin Parfait
    Video | (03:08)

    Claire's twist on a sweet classic is made with wine and mascarpone cheese.

  • Berry Berry Fizz
    Video | (01:29)

    Strawberries, blueberries and prosecco go into Sunny's Berry Berry Fizz.

  • Ruby Red Sangria
    Video | (01:29)

    Sunny's sparkling sangria makes use of fruits that are available in winter.

  • Grand Champagne Cocktail
    Video | (02:54)

    Bobby uses strawberry puree and prosecco in his Grand Champagne Cocktail.

  • Lemon Sugar
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  • Oysters With Prosecco Granita
    Video | (03:33)

    Anne tops raw oysters with a granita of sparkling wine and pepper flakes.