Season 0, Episode 1

Titans of Taste: Fast Food Kings

There’s no denying it, Americans love fast food. It’s a love affair that stems from our passion for cars. As the automobile became more affordable, people became more mobile; as we moved about, our food needed to learn how to move with us. Inevitably, the fast food industry was born, and delicious meals were wrapped and ready to go. Who are those fast food industry kings that have fed our appetites for good food and fast service? Whose logos and products have become both popular brands and immediately identifiable pop icons? We’re climbing behind the wheel and heading cross-country to uncover all there is to know about our fast food favorites. Over the course of an hour we’ll learn the story of the visionaries behind Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wendy’s and McDonald’s. We’ll meet the people closest to them--family, friends and employees and reveal the passion and circumstances that drove them to succeed. On the way, we’ll take a look at how their ingenuity completely changed the way Americans eat. Buckle up as we set out to explore the world of America’s fast food kings.
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