Season 2, Episode 7

Meat On The Go

In this episode of Meat & Potatoes, Chef Rahm Fama introduces us to some of his favorite meaty meals on the go. He starts his journey in Seattle at Tat's Delicatessen where they are serving up their famous savory Tat'strami a West Coast spin on the East Coast classic pastrami sandwich. Next, Rahm touches down in Tucson at CeeDee's Jamaican Kitchen where the hearty Caribbean cuisine proves that "fast food" tastes best when made slow. Here Rahm indeed has "One Love"... and it's their rich and zesty Oxtail Stew. Finally, Rahm enjoys a masterful mobile meal at San Francisco's gourmet bus-taurant Le Truc where they're cooking up a savory Fennel-Ginger Beef Braise more delicious than any takeout he's ever tasted.
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