Perfect Fingerling Potatoes

Total Time:
40 min
5 min
5 min
30 min

6 to 8 servings

  • 1 1/4 pounds kosher or rock salt
  • 2 quarts water
  • 2 pounds small fingerling potatoes, cleaned
  • 4 tablespoons butter, optional
  • Freshly ground black pepper, optional
  • 1 tablespoon freshly chopped chives, optional

In a large pot, combine the salt, water, and potatoes and bring to a boil. Cook until the potatoes are fork-tender, approximately 25 to 30 minutes. Remove from the pot to a cooling rack and let stand for 5 to 7 minutes. Serve as is or with butter, pepper, or chives.

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    I followed the recipe exactly, using Kosher salt, and these were SOOOO salty, almost inedible. They did come out perfectly cooked and had a nice salt crust on the skin, so I think I will try it again with maybe half the salt. Was sad to have wasted the potatoes on the first go-round though!
    This recipe was pretty tasteless. I've eaten boiled potatoes and that is exactly what it tasted like.
    Amazing, creamy like other reviewers said, simple and delicious. Was expecting the skins to crisp up a little more and they didn't but the salt had given them a nice salty coating. The insides were perfect!
    Read the reviews, and felt safe using that amount of KOSHER (only...not table) salt. These are amazing, sweet/salty wonders that served only 3 people since they were inhaling them! Used the butter and chopped dill since I had no chives. Delicious, and will use this recipe over and over! Thanks, Alton. :)
    You HAVE to trust Alton. Follow the recipe EXACTLY. Water, kosher salt, exact amount of potatoes, leave whole. stir salt till dissolved in cold water, then add potatoes, bring to a boil & simmer for 15 minutes till fork tender. put on rack to dry a bit, then add UNSALTED butter if you want. My family & I loved them.
    almost good as a fresh cookie
    These were delicious, and so easy! When I first read the recipe, I thought there was a typo when it called for 1 POUND of salt, but after reading the reviews I decided to give it a try. The salt forms a delicious crust on the skin of the potato and keeps the inside soft. I served them just as they are, but next time I'll add chives or scallions. A delicious compliment to any meal!
    These were delicious! Just chopped some fresh chives from the garden and tossed with a little butter just before serving. Make sure you use kosher salt as most of the other reviewers have mentioned!
    Simple and delicious!
    Very good with just the right salt, plus we added chopped chives and parsley.
     For those who found it salty, as I have seen in other recipes, perhaps the use of table salt vs. kosher salt was to blame. A single teaspoon of table salt contains more salt than a tablespoon of kosher or sea salt - be careful most chefs dont use table salt...Or you cut the potatoes which allows the salt to get in and it would be too much.
    Great recipe. The salt is just right. If yours come out too salty, you must be doing something wrong. 
    My son pointed out that they looked like salted peanuts. Knowing where Mr. Brown resides, that's probably no surprise.
    Very, very tasty. These fingerling potatoes are just what the other 5 star reviewers say--salt crusted on the outside and wonderful on the inside. Definitely not too salty, these potatoes are best with a little bit of butter as a side dish. I hope to try them with the chives next time!
    I would have given it a 5 but here's my "beef". I've made it once and it was PERFECT. The second time I made it tasted like I swallowed Sea water. The difference? The second time I cut the potatoes. Granted, In retrospect the recipe just says to wash and then cook. I would explicitly warn not to halve the potatoes...then its a "5" recipe (makes it dummy proof!
    Oh Alton- you are so misunderstood! We first heard about "Salt Potatoes" from a co-worker of mine who was from the Syracuse area of NY. Knowing that I was interested in regional cooking, he brought me a bag of Weis brand potatoes that had the salt packet contained therein AND included the directions to make NY style "Salt Potatoes." We were HOOKED when we tasted them. All I can say is, "don't hate" these potatoes. The salt crust somehow makes the inside all the more creamy and delicious. It's all about EXPECTATIONS. These have a salty "crust" outside that provides so much flavor and requires no more salt in the seasoning. Butter is essential, as are either chopped chives or chopped spring/green onions. I cannot describe the richness and flavor of these potatoes. You can also achieve a similar result with new potatoes. Give them a chance- and if you are on a salt restricted diet, please go elsewhere- but don't denigrate this recipe that is as old as NY's history. They are wonderful. Enjoy
    These potatoes are delicious! There is indeed a salty crust on the outside and a little butter and chives is SO perfect with them! I've read some people's reviews about salt, and be sure to use KOSHER salt and not table salt. Table salt is much MUCH stronger and would definitely kill the potatoes. As it is, the potatoes end up perfectly salty (if you like hard pretzels or pickles these are the potatoes for you!) If you're not as big a fan of salt, maybe use less, but ALWAYS kosher and not table salt.
    I love Alton, but this recipe is terrible. It is WAY to salty. If you want to try this recipe, cut the salt in half. Otherwise, it is a waste of potatoes!! I have never written a review before, but felt compelled to do so with this recipe.
    I was a liitle nervous that they would be too salty but they were perfect!
    I usually trust Alton completely. I saw this episode on tv and when I went to try it out I was really nervous about all the salt, but the potatoes were wonderful! I should have never had any doubt. I couldn't keep from snacking on them. They are wonderful alone or with a little butter. Also very tasty with sour cream. Made a great potato salad with the leftovers the next day. Can't wait to make them again!
    Just like everyone else, I thought it sounded like a lot of salt. As it turns out, it is perfect. These potatoes went amazing with herb roasted rack of lamb. This one is a winner.
    Perfectly cooked potatoes and the salty crust takes it over the top...really different! I was skeptical about all the salt, but trusted Alton. We didn't feel they were too salty, but would definitely caution people at the dinner table not to salt before tasting!
    OMG. The salty crispy crust. It's las if they were fried with salt air from the beach!
    I loved this easy recipe. I didn't use all the salt; I'm trying to cut back. But it turned out wonderfully nonetheless. I'll be buying fingerlings more often.
    We made these tonight and they were fabulous! We used a little less salt than called for and they were perfect. They were really soft, flavorful and had a great taste! The butter, pepper and chives certainly helped too. We'll be making these again soon.
    I read all the reviews...there were 20 total and only one that said it was too salty. Decided she probably did something wrong so I went for it. I followed the recipe exactly...I did not vary....the salt was so strong we could not eat them. I thought maybe I could salvage them with more butter (no salt) and even a little lemon...they couldn't be saved. I then thought that I could rinse them off and reheat but the salt flavor permeated the entire potato, not just the skin. I can't recommend this recipe.
    As stated by others, the amount of salt required for this recipe made me apprehensive, to say the least.
     But, trusting Alton as I do, I gave it a try.
     Melt in your mouth WONDERFUL!
     My husband, son (31) and daughter (26) RAVED!
     This recipe is a KEEPER!
     Thanks, Alton!
    I made this recipe for some friends and they were gone before i got to the dining room table. Simple recipe but oh so delicious
    Made these for dinner tonight, and we loved them! After letting them dry/crust on the rack, we smashed them a bit then added some unsalted butter and ground pepper - perfect and tasty!
    I've made other recipes from Alton, and they've been good, but I should have followed my instincts on this one. I would have thought that the huge amount of salt in the recipe was a typo, but I read all the rave reviews that talked about the salt crystals on the outside of the cooked potatoes, so I thought it must be right. Well, no one could eat the potatoes, even my husband who likes salty foods. What a waste of good potatoes (and salt)!
    Wonderful taste. I used a relatively new stainless steel saucepan which apparently had some small scratches in the bottom. After cooking the potatoes, the bottom of my pan was etched with rust.
    Fingerling potatoes are a delicious alternative - they are what one might call 'buttery' even. Quick, easy and delicous. I topped them with a tad bit of freshly grated parmegan cheese to add extra flavour and richness.
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