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  • Famous Franks
    Video | (03:46)

    Visit a New York landmark?Nathan's Famous in Coney Island.

  • Michael's Lola Burger
    Video | (02:18)

    Michael, the "bald-headed devil," tempts Paula with a juicy Lola Burger.

  • Bobby's Santa Fe Burger
    Video | (02:29)

    Bobby Flay grills up his Southwestern-inspired Santa Fe Burger.

  • The Ultimate Salami Burgers
    Video | (03:42)

    Rachael crisps salami in the oven and tops beef-and-pork burgers with it.

  • Classic Bollito Misto
    Video | (05:27)

    You will love this recipe for Bolito Misto, a delicious Italian classic.

  • Brooklyn BBQ Chili Burgers
    Video | (03:42)

    When Rachael's cooking, nothing says Brooklyn like -- chili and barbecue?

  • Mini Italian Pub Burgers
    Video | (03:10)

    Giada's mini burgers are the perfect finger food for your next cookout.

  • Nacho-Topped Chili Pot
    Video | (03:23)

    This is definitely "nacho" run-of-the-mill chili: it's a party in a pot.

  • Veal Vincent
    Video | (01:45)

    Watch as the chef and owner of a Texas restaurant prepares his signature dish.

  • Hospital Cafe
    Video | (04:29)

    Best Of visits a non-profit hospital cafeteria that serves delicious food.

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