After 3+ Months of Nonstop Cooking, Here’s What I’ve Learned

Here's why family time is more meaningful now than ever before.

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Photo by: Khalil Hymore Quasha

Khalil Hymore Quasha

During a difficult time like this, we all have to find our moments of calm, especially if you have kids. Between the struggles of remote learning (and now at-home summer camp), trying to work from home and grocery shopping in stealth-mode, I’ve discovered that the most meaningful moments of my time at home are the ones spent with my children. And according to Instagram — not to mention the non-existent flour supply at my local markets — the world has rediscovered a love for cooking and baking. (A silver lining, perhaps.)

Photo by: Khalil Hymore Quasha

Khalil Hymore Quasha

Every day I scroll through my feed in awe of all the hard work people are putting into cooking projects. People are slow-cooking; people are cooking from scratch. I’ve also seen gorgeous Sunday braises, multi-day cake baking projects, and more loaves of sourdough bread than I ever thought was possible. It’s been fun to see friends and family who never cook, cooking up a storm!

Photo by: Khalil Hymore Quasha

Khalil Hymore Quasha

And while staying home and cooking our own meals is practical during this time of social distancing, it also has the opportunity to be pretty special. I’ve been really fortunate to have a lot of baking supplies on hand to create some fun cooking experiences with my kids. Since quarantine began, my kids and I have embarked on many cooking projects that we normally wouldn’t have time for — and the rewards have been infinite.

Photo by: Khalil Hymore Quasha

Khalil Hymore Quasha

So far, as we’ve stayed home, we’ve baked bread, chocolate-raspberry babka, chocolate chip cookies, macaroons, pizza and a whole lot more. Obviously, these projects have provided us an opportunity to bond as a family, but they’ve also fostered so many great conversations with my kids that wouldn’t ordinarily have happened. Chats about all sorts of issues, from kitchen math (so important!) to what our world may look like in the future.

Photo by: Khalil Hymore Quasha

Khalil Hymore Quasha

As our world begins to reopen again, and we begin to work toward a new normal, I already know that it'll be this time I spent creating in the kitchen with my kids that will be my fondest memory.

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