3 Fast and Easy Ideas to Make Super Juicy Grilled Chicken

Take grilled chicken to the next level with these delicious ideas from Michael Symon, Jet Tila and Megan Mitchell.

Burgers may get all of the oohs and ahhs at backyard barbecues, but it’s time for grilled chicken to win back the spotlight. This summer, we’re banishing dry and boring grilled chicken for good with amazing classes all about how to make the best grilled chicken ever on the Food Network Kitchen app.

Here are 3 fast and easy ways to amp up grilled chicken from Michael Symon, Jet Tila and Megan Mitchell's classes on the Food Network Kitchen app.

1. Quickly marinate in harissa.

For a quick fix, follow Jet Tila’s lead in his Grilled Harissa Chicken Breasts with Herbed Couscous class. Season store-bought harissa (a spicy chile paste or sauce that originated in Tunisia) with cinnamon, cumin and a handful of other spices, then coat the chicken in the mixture and get grilling. The key is to not touch the chicken too much once it is on the grill. Be patient and one flip should do the trick to lock in those juices.

2. Pull together a quick marinade with oil and a mixture of spices.

You can’t go wrong with the flavor-packing method that Megan Mitchell shows us in her Grilled Chicken Kebabs with Pita, Halloumi and Shaved Cucumber Salad class. Start with a neutral oil that has a high smoke point, like grapeseed oil, then throw in some lemon zest, turmeric and other seasonings to make her Mediterranean-inspired skewers. Bonus: The class includes her halloumi grilling tips, too.

3. Rub on a store-bought spice mix and throw on a quick glaze.

In Michael Symon we trust. The grilling guru does not disappoint in his Sweet and Spicy Honey-Glazed Grilled Chicken with Spinach Salad and Pantry Dressing class.

Michael has never been to our house, but somehow, he knows exactly what we have in our pantries and refrigerators. First, he seasons chicken with a classic store-bought spice mix many of us use on seafood, then he pulls together an awesome 3-ingredient glaze with fridge staples.

Michael waits to brush on the glaze until the chicken is halfway done cooking. “There’s a lot of sugar in the glaze and you want the glaze to caramelize and get some good color, but what you don’t want the glaze to do is burn,” Michael says.

For more info on how to make perfect grilled chicken this summer, check out these classes and more on the Food Network Kitchen app.


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