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How to Use Up Leftover Condiments and Spices

The recipe called for a tablespoon of tahini, but what do you do with the other 25? Try these tasty uses for those jars of not-so-common ingredients you bought for that one special dish.

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Anchovy Paste

A spoonful of this salty fish spread will deepen the flavor of tomato sauces, gravies, braised broccoli and meatballs. Mix some with butter for a classic steakhouse topper. Or use a dab to top deviled eggs.

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Asian Fish Sauce

The funk of this versatile Southeast Asian staple mellows when mixed with other ingredients. Just a dash adds richness to guacamole, steak sauce or a lime-based salad dressing. Sprinkle it on braised hearty greens like kale or collards, or try it in place of Worcestershire sauce in a Bloody Mary. Mix some into mayo along with chopped garlic, grated Parmesan and lemon juice for a cheater's Caesar dressing.

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A spoonful of these pickled buds gives a boost to pasta sauce, lemon vinaigrettes and all sorts of salads — think egg salad, tuna salad, tomato salad and more. Sprinkle them on pizza or chop them up with parsley, onions and lemon zest for an easy relish for fish.

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Chipotles in Adobo

Like tomato paste, this fiery condiment keeps well in ice cube trays in the freezer. Just a dollop will add a smoky hit to chili, stuffed peppers, salsa, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs and baked beans. Chopped up, the peppers are delicious in cornbread, meatloaf and tartar sauce (think spicy fish tacos). Whip some into butter or mayo for a savory sandwich spread.

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