Season 0, Episode 2

Titans of Taste: Taste of Sweet Success

The unmistakable taste of a chocolate kiss. The popular chip-filled cookie inspired by a man dubbed "Famous". The soft serve magic on a cone that birthed hundreds of stores. This triple threat of delectably, sweet and satisfying treats better known as--Hershey's chocolate, Famous Amos Cookies and Carvel Ice Cream--are three of America's favorite all-time guilty pleasures. For each of these men, timing was everything and had it not been for their great vision and relentless passion, none of their products would have even seen the light of day. How is it that a chocolate first created by Milton Hershey could change the name of an entire city? What was it about the Panama hat and Hawaiian shirt of Wally Amos that sold so many chocolate chip cookies? With so much ice cream around, how did Tom Carvelas manage to get hundreds to line up for his creative ice cream concoctions? For some, success was fleeting. For others, the road is still paved with rich and creamy chocolate gold.
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