Season 1, Episode 7

Los Angeles

The Hungry Detective takes viewers for a ride-along on his beat, the Los Angeles South Bay area. First stop: Rizzo's Pizza, where Chris developed his passion for food flipping pies as a teenager. Next, Chris follows the trail of fishing boats to fresh and delicious seafood dishes at the San Pedro Fish Market, which overlooks the Los Angeles Harbor. Day two of our ride-along starts with a hearty Hawaiian breakfast at Gardena Bowl, a little cafe hidden in a bowling alley! Here Chris and a loyal Gardena Bowl regular enjoy Loco Moco, an egg, rice and hamburger patty dish smothered in brown gravy, and a Hawaiian Royal, an amazing combination of Portuguese sausage, pork, green onions and scrambled eggs served over a bed of rice and topped with teriyaki sauce. Next, Chris spices up his hometown tour when he heads to Hermosa Beach for authentic Cajun cuisine at the Ragin Cajun. Finally, Chris takes us to Los Paisas, a little family-run stand located in a Mexican market, for the ultimate authentic tacos made from pork, carne asada and chicken. `
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