Season 4, Episode 2

Cora vs. Myers

Iron Chef Cat Cora is challenged to a culinary battle by Chef David Myers who is hoping to steal a victory.

Karine Bakhoum
Soledad O'Brien
Mo Rocca

Challenger stats: Chef Myers
From: Los Angeles

Restaurants: Sona, Boule

Cuisine: Modern French/Seasonally Spontaneous

Interests: Surfing, and traveling

Ideal secret ingredient: It would be a fun challenge to do anything.

Ideal judge: Jeffrey Steingarten

Culinary secret weapon: My team

Favorite restaurant: Sushi Nozawa

Favorite food: Sushi

Weirdest thing you've ever eaten: Fugu sperm sack

Favorite food destination: Tokyo, Singapore, and all over Europe

Alternative dream job: Architect

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