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Chef Jeff Biography

Chef Jeff talks about his troubled past and his passion for mentoring.

Meet The Crew


Maria's mother abandoned her when she was three years old, and her father is currently serving with the US Army in the Middle East. A recent high school graduate, Maria dreams of one day working in an upscale restaurant.


Shante is a a caring mother. She has worked her way through cafeterias and hopes her love of food and determination will help her succeed and provide a positive influence for her children.


Adam grew up in an abusive environment and was homeless for a period of time. With no professional experience, Adam possesses a natural ability to improvise in the kitchen. South Central Sushi is his specialty; he substitutes spam, chicken or hotdogs for fish.


Alonzo loves to be around people including his brothers and sisters. His hidden musical talents on the piano and drums may only be the tip of the iceberg, as his true calling may be found behind kitchen doors. Alonzo is part of the culinary program at Los Angeles Trade-Tech and sees cooking as his only way to avoid the dangers of the streets.


Katherine grew up in a devout Christian family. Kathy lived a picture perfect life until an addiction to drugs destroyed her relationship with her family leading her down a dark path. After living at the Los Angeles Dream Center, a life rehabilitation center, for over a year, a sober Kathy has found a healthy new addiction: cooking.


Growing up, Brett was the black sheep among his family and eventually left his home. Brett started cooking in the kitchen of the Los Angeles Dream Center, a life rehabilitation center, and immediately found the perfect outlet that allowed him to excel. He is very competitive and believes cooking is in his blood.

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About the Show

Jeff Henderson grew up on the tough streets of South Central L.A. and San Diego. At 19 he was running a $35,000-a-week cocaine operation. At 24, Jeff was arrested and sent to prison, where he spent the next ten years. While incarcerated, Jeff discovered a passion for cooking and the drive to turn his life around. Jeff became Executive Chef at Café Bellagio in Las Vegas, wrote a bestselling book, and now he is focusing on giving back. In The Chef Jeff Project, he takes six at-risk young adults and commits to turning their lives around by putting them to work in his catering company, Posh Urban Cuisine. He arms them with the knowledge, the skills and, ultimately, the opportunity for a new life with a culinary career.