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Michael's Perfect Egg Tips
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Out to Eat with Chef Symon

The host of Throwdown with Michael Symon shares his go-to spots for barbecue, Italian, Israeli and more craveworthy eats from coast to coast.

His Must-Try Hit List

About the show

Iron Chef and award-winning restaurant owner Michael Symon is going up against the best chefs in the game on their own turf. Michael and his culinary right hand, Katie Pickens, take a chef's signature dish and then show up to challenge them with his own version. The catch is that the chefs don't know he's coming! This culinary throwdown is anybody's game to win or lose.

About the Host

Michael Symon

Chef Michael Symon cooks with soul. Growing up in a Greek and Sicilian family, the Cleveland native creates boldly flavored, deeply satisfying dishes at his four restaurants in America’s heartland: Lola, Lolita, Roast and B Spot. He also shares his exuberant, approachable cooking style and infectious laugh with viewers as an Iron Chef on the Food Network.

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