Restaurant Revisited — Golf: Impossible at Pomona Golf and Country Club

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At Pomona Golf and Country Club in Egg Harbor City, N.J., Robert Irvine had to contend not only with a 45-year-old joint golf course and clubhouse but also family friction amongst the owners, sisters Andy Truitt and Pam Grenda, and their cousin, Bruce Ritchie. The trio was facing losses after having failed to attract a fresher audience, and it was up to Robert to reimagine the establishment's futures. Read on below to hear from Andy and find out how Pomona Golf and Country Club is doing today, a few months after its Restaurant: Impossible transformation.

"Business is slowly picking up," says Andy. "We've had three dinners averaging 25 people." She adds that they "using the patio" and customers have taken well to the golf carts.

Pam is still cooking at the clubhouse, and she says she's particularly fond of the "Jumbo Dogs, Black Bean Burger [and] Chicken Salad."

Pomona Golf and Country Club has begun advertising on Facebook, according to Andy, who says they have instituted "family memberships" and have also "hosted a couple private events." Andy adds: "Shane does the Facebook advertising. He has filled in for part-timers and is doing odd jobs around the place."

As far as her relationship with Pam, Andy notes that the two are "talking more, listening more [and] collaborating on some projects."

Looking ahead to the future, Andy says, "The plan is to continue to grow the business with innovative ideas." She adds, "We also plan to keep moving forward with improvements."

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