Eggs 5 Ways

Eggs are budget-friendly and a delicious meatless alternative for protein. If you're worried about cholesterol, don't -- according to the American Heart Association, an egg a day is a-okay. Try our five favorite healthy egg recipes.
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Eggs have gotten a bad wrap for being too high in cholesterol, but according to the American Heart Association, an egg a day is a-okay. Here are five ways to make this versatile ingredient, including the Easter classic: deviled eggs.


Whether you like scrambled, hard-boiled or sunny side up, eggs go great in a tortilla wrap or stacked on an English muffin. One of my favorite combos is scrambled eggs stuffed into a pita with sliced olives and fresh tomato.


I’ve whipped up this frittata for Sunday brunch, and my guests loved it (my 2-year-old daughter included). If you're out of fresh broccoli, frozen works just as well.


Made from egg whites, meringues are a light, sweet treat. Flavor them up with chocolate, espresso or amaretto. Serve with fresh fruit on the side for a perfect dessert.


Add some Asian flare to a weeknight dinner with egg drop soup. This soup only takes 15 minutes to prep -- leaving you time to round out the meal with some of these other Chinese-inspired dishes.


This traditional Easter or picnic appetizer doesn’t need gobs of full-fat mayo to please your palate. Mix in Dijon mustard or hot sauce for some spicier, lower-calorie flavor. This recipe turns to Granny Smith apples for a touch of tartness.

BONUS: Egg Salad

Don’t drown your egg salad in artery-clogging mayo. Instead, check out our helpful tips for lightening it up.

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